Greater Heights

  1. aesir911 Froyo Mar 24, 2019

    aesir911, Mar 24, 2019 :
    It appears that my story is a bit different than most others on here. Since this is a OnePlus contest, and I have solely been using their phones since the first one came out, I wanted to create an allegorical narrative that encapsulates and somewhat parallels the company's growth and change over the years. OnePlus was a small start-up in an oversaturated phone marketplace. Since then, they have grown exponentially to become a top tier company that creates respectable higher end devices. They have also branched out into other categories and will continue to do so in the future. I wanted my story to exemplify this, as well as showcase some of their products and features.

    Abbreviated 300 character synopsis:
    The short film documents a timid and shy individual deciding to change from the norm and never settling for complacency. They go on an adventure to bungee jump off of a bridge. The newly formed courageous adventurer documents their achievements. OnePlus 6T features are utilized throughout this film.

    More in-depth 300 word synopsis:
    The short film commences with a very shy and timid individual who is afraid of trying new things. The individual is especially aversive to perceivably dangerous and scary tasks and obstacles. The individual decides to try something new, as a way to better themself. Using quick gestures and the on screen fingerprint unlock, they search the web for ways to get over their fear of heights while using the parallel apps mode to conversate with a friend via OnePlus’s Messages app. Brashly, they choose to bungee jump as their first monumentally giant step on their road to bettering themselves. They lock the phone with the turn off screen navigation bar customization option and the film blackens shortly after.

    The short film continues with a flash of light, and the daunted adventurer crossing a bridge with their OnePlus in hand and OnePlus Explorer Backpack on. We see them pair their wireless headphones to the OnePlus 6T, in order to listen to a calming yet invigorating melody, and slowly walk up to the bungee jump stand. The representative hands a safety waiver to the now somewhat apprehensive individual. The individual quickly sees messages of encouragement across their OnePlus 6T. They take one sigh as eyes are clenched shut, then quickly turns around, signs the form, and gets ready to jump. They quickly double tap their power button to open up the camera application to take a picture with the panorama feature. The adventurer films the quick instructions, being tethered up with safety harnesses, and the entire decent and inconsequential accent of the bungee jump.

    The short film concludes with, the courageous adventurer documenting their experience on a blog, vlog, on social media, over text, and on the phone via the OnePlus 6T, all the while using quick native OnePlus features and gestures.

    Storyboard Pt. 1.png Storyboard Pt. 2.png Storyboard Pt. 3.png Storyboard Pt. 4.png Storyboard Pt. 5.png Storyboard Pt. 6.png

  2. soraAntiel Cupcake Mar 25, 2019

    soraAntiel, Mar 25, 2019 :
    I love how this story can work as both a commercial for OnePlus and a standalone short film. Great job!

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