[GUIDE] Be Creative & Customize your OPT like a Boss :D

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    Funk Wizard , Oct 9, 2015 :
    Be Creative & Customize your OPT Like a Boss:D
    This is How We Roll ;)

    Hello OnePlus Community :)

    This is probably going to be my last post from my OPT as sadly its going away with my brother to Mumbai within a couple of days for the next 6 months. I had a wicked setup on my OPO and wanted to do even better on the OPT, but when i received the device at early stages I was disappointed due to lack of customization features on Oxygen OS being near stock android, which was kinda expected being OnePlus first OS at early development stage. Thus I experimented and customized the device the way I like to add more functionality.

    Today I am here to share my experiences and help you make your OPT Standout.

    Let me start by making this effort in order to grow the interest back on the development for the TWO and educate all those who are disappointed with the customization ability on Oxygen OS till now.

    The Mission was to Keep the Stock Rom and Add More Functionality to Customize it like a Custom ROM. So let’s make way for our Android Customization Skills and Share our Vision on how to make the most out of this device.

    This is how I like my Android, So without further ado let's go :D

    To Begin with, some or i would say most aspects need the device to be rooted, updated to 2.1.0 and have Xposed Installed. So if you have any doubts follow the below threads for these requirements:

    Update the O2OS to the latest 2.1.1 Thread:

    Unlock and Root Thread:

    How To Install Xposed Framework Thread:

    My Device is Stock Rooted Running Oxygen 2.1.0 with Themed Official TWRP on Xposed Framework & Unofficial Boeffla Kernel 1.0 Beta2 l491 Build with Linaro Toolchain & Optimized by @ZaneZam ;):D;)


    And some more..... screener_20151009(025911).png screener_20151009(025439).png screener_20151009(025948).png

    1. Android M Boot Animation: I got bored with the Oxygen OS Boot Animation soon after a couple of days so got this Android M Boot Animation to play with:

    How to apply: Download, Grant Permission & Push the file to System/Media

    (Apologies for the bad quality had to do this with an old device)

    Download from the below drive link:

    > Open your preferred root explorer & navigate to system/media
    > Rename the existing bootanimation.zip to bootanimation.zip.xyz
    > Paste the new downloaded bootanimation.zip to this location
    > Long press and change permissions to Owner – rw, Group – r, Other – r


    > Confirm, Exit and Recheck permissions once again just to make sure they are saved.
    > Reboot now and enjoy the Android Marshmallow Boot Animation
    > Credits to @hetalk for sorting permissions.

    2. Custom DPI: I prefer smaller DPI than stock as it gives you more space and the icons size is also reduced as per preference. I keep it at 380. You may either use adb commands, add the line in build.prop or flash this flashable zip I modified posted on the forum here:

    3. Layers Manager: If still you are not aware, O2 Supports Layers so go ahead and experiment. Just make sure you take a backup before applying any layers so the revert is easy. If it goes bad you may either end up in a bootloop :p or a black screen :p In either of the case you may either delete the culprit overlay/apk via twrp file manager, restore your Nandroid or dirty flash the whole rom.

    PS: Avoid selecting the framework overlay for most themes as they would give you problems.

    You can follow this thread here for the compatible/tested layer themes: https://forums.oneplus.net/threads/community-list-layers-working-on-oxygenos-2-1.374884/

    4. Theme TWRP: Being experimental I use to boot in recovery often so why keep it the ordinary way, so I went ahead and themed the recovery to make it more interesting.

    Attached some screenshot of the themed OPT Official TWRP Recovery

    screener_20151009(025439).png screener_20151009(025503).png screener_20151009(025554).png

    If you like it you can get it here:

    PS: OPT Resolution (1080 X 1920)

    How To Theme:

    > Download the desired theme from the link:
    > Rename the zip to ui.zip and copy it using your preferred file manager (I use ES)
    > Navigate to the TWRP folder, Create a New folder there and name it as theme
    > Paste the copied ui.zip in the created theme folder, Done


    Reboot in Recovery and Enjoy your themed TWRP :D

    5. MOD: Move SuperSU & Layers Manager App to Settings Menu (For O2OS 2.1.0)


    screener_20151009(152956).png screener_20151009(153056).png screener_20151009(153121).png

    Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0pr-ZA5b-1pQkJsLWx0akYzczQ/view?usp=sharing

    How to Apply: Just download and flash in recovery.

    PS: Make sure you take backup before flashing this if you mess up.

    Thanks to @hetalk for creating a flashable zip modifying the settings apk to add SuperSU & Layers Manager in the Settings Menu.

    5. Use Xposed: I use Xposed Framework for most of the Visual customization's & Power Tweaks Some of the features missing on O2 can be injected with Xposed Modules like Battery Icon, Battery Bar, Pie Controls, Lockscreen Mods, Circle Launcher, Navigation Bar Tweaks, Phone & Power Tweaks & other Visual & System Mods. The All in one module that I can recommend is GravityBox which has most of the mods, and for better battery backup I use an awesome combo of Amplify + Greenify + Powernap + AppOps. There are a lot of other modules as well which can be used for better functionality so I would recommend you to explore.

    Module Suggestions: Here & Here

    6. KLWP: Kustom Live Wallpaper Maker is undoubtedly the best customization app available out there along with Zooper Pro. I highly suggest you buy the pro version and get a totally different feel, and customize it as per your requirement and personality.

    You can get it from the playstore

    Just to share some recent setups here are some screenshots:

    screener_20151009(034811).png screener_20151009(170419).png screener_20151009(170433).png screener_20151009(170446).png screener_20151009(170501).png screener_20151009(170514).png Screenshot_2015-10-09-16-52-10.png screener_20151009(170548).png screener_20151009(170602).png

    I believe this device has a lot of potential. Already the team has pushed 4 OTA’s in just a matter of 45 days from the release so I am sure with the upcoming software updates the TWO would be even more competitive and unbeatable value for money.

    Once again thank you all for giving your time reading all this and I hope you enjoy some of these mods/customizations and incorporate them on your device as a daily driver.

    I am sad that the device is going with brother for 6 months and I am not sure if I could get it back but if you have any questions/suggestions, please feel free to ask, like, comment and share your device mods, setups & experiences so the community can grow and profit, and the Focus is back on Development of the Two rather than the Drawbacks.

    For all those who are facing issues with their devices, please be patient, let’s keep faith and keep supporting OnePlus, its just a matter of time!!

    Love & Respect :)

    Funk Wizard :D
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    pranav1234 , Oct 9, 2015 :
    interesting stuff here... bookmarking this now :)
    thanks for your information and inputs

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    Funk Wizard , Oct 9, 2015 :
    Thank you all and i appreciate your time.
    I would keep updating this thread with more updates and findings as the time goes.
    Cheers :D

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    Open sale for you it is :)

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    Yes! Help folks appreciate just what is possible with the OP2. Very nice. :)

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    Maybe. The rumored "OnePlus Mini" sounds more appealing to me. I'll wait and see.

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    If I were you, I wouldn't buy op2 or any other smartphones, especially android device, to me it's very scary, buddy, I want to use a smartphone as it is. I would say that you are technical freak......omg......

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    Many Thanks Guys :D

    Aah.. being modest, as always :D

    Anyone Listening :rolleyes: @dsmonteiro @BrettPlusOne

    Haha... yeah, i like to keep it kustom ;)

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