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  1. dsmonteiro
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    dsmonteiro , May 3, 2014 :
    For a new member, OnePlus Forum can be an overwhelming source of information. I made this post in hopes of helping you find that piece of information you seek. Knowing how to search is not only important to you, but for all Community as it reduces the amount of duplicate threads and redundant information. So, how can one do that?

    1. Read this post
    This post will teach how to find answer for your question. The most likely scenario is that someone before you already had that question and made it somewhere in the Forum.
    So, before creating a new thread you should see if there's already an answer for you. By reading the next lines you'll be a Master of Information!

    2. Know the Forum layout
    The first thing you should know is how the Forum is organized.
    • Announcements - Only Administrators can create new threads here. This is the best place to find information from an official source. If you find a Thread Title similar to you doubt, you'll most likely find what you are looking for in the first post of that thread or at least a link to the place where that information is.
    • OnePlus One - Here is where other Forum Members such as yourself can create new threads specifically about the OnePlus One (OPO).
    • CyanogenMod 11S - This is a Sub-Forum for threads about OPO's operating system, CyanogenMod 11S or CM11S.
    • Tech Talk - This is the best place to talk about Tech chitchat, news and rumors.
    • General Chat - Everything else you might want to talk about that is not covered by the above categories.
    If English is not your native language, and there's a Regional Forum suited for you, you'll find there plenty people that'll be more than glad to help you.

    The Recent Threads is the Forum's main page and there you'll find the the last 20 threads having activity.

    3. The Search Button is your best friend
    That search button on the top of the Forum is indeed your best friend. By knowing how to use it, you almost guarantee you'll find anything already talked about.
    But to make the full use of it, you must know what it can do:
    1. Search box - Try to be concise, use only one or two keywords. If you get too many results try adding another one. If you don't find any results, check your spelling or use related words (invite, invites, invitations).
    2. Search titles only - This is a great way to reduce the number of results you get, and also the best way to find a thread suited for your question (if you have a question about invites, a thread with the word "Invite" in the title will most likely suit you).
    3. Posted by Member - This is most likely the most powerful option you have at your disposal. With it, you can post made by specific people. For example, if you want some information about how the warranty will work, you can write "Warranty" in the Search Box, and then limit the search results to posts written by Staff Members. You can find a list of them here. You just have to type the names, separated by commas. If search for posts created by @Carl or @Pete the chances of finding an official answer to your question are pretty big.
    4. Newer than - This is another way to reduce the number of results. If know that the post you seek was posted on a specific it date you can use this.
    5. Search this forum only - If you are on a specific Category or Regional Forum this option will show. By having it checked, you'll only search on that specific sub-Forum. If you don't get any results for a query the most likely reason is having this option checked.
    6. Display results as threads - Having this option checked will give you threads as results.
    7. Useful Searches - They are pretty self-explanatory. If you click in one of this options, it will take you directly to the results.
    4. Other sources of information
    • Since OnePlus is becoming more and more mainstream, you'll find plenty of information if you search outside of the Forum.
    • OnePlus' Google+, Facebook or Twitter.
    • OnePlus One site - There you can find Specs, features and more.
    • OnePlus FAQ
    • You can also use Google to search inside the Forum by using this: site:forums.oneplus.net search terms
    Example: [​IMG]
    (Thanks to @OneOver Zero for the tip ;))​
    5. If all else fails, create a new thread
    Here you can find two great guides that will help on how to create a new thread:
    [GUIDE] The Proper Way to Make a New Thread
    TAKE A LOOK : A few tips on Forum Etiquette
    The short version:
    • Post on the correct category
    • Use a good, clear and concise title
    • Be polite
    • Use proper grammar
    I really hope this guide will help make your stay at the Forum more enjoyable.
    Feel free to hit the Reply button and leave your feedback!
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    dcohr , May 3, 2014 :
    well kinda curious if your efforts will be "rewarded" and we will be spared from new senseless threads or not - but i guess my optimism died sometimes last week :D

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    dsmonteiro , May 3, 2014 :
    No harm in trying... at least this way I have this thread to link to when I see a duplicate thread! ;)

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    But the most likely response will be....


    Think I'll make a new thread instead....


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    This post will help many newbies :)

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    Yes so be sure to read all of it ;)

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    I can only say THANK YOU and hope people will see this thread before they open a new one asking the same questions over and over again...

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