[GUIDE] How To Improve Battery Life on COS12 YNG1TAS2I3

  1. Funk Wizard
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    Funk Wizard , Apr 26, 2015 :
    Hi All !!

    As lot of you asked me about the secrets to my, Battery Mods and Better Backup here i am with a detailed thread.

    My Device Running COS YNG1TAS2I3 with AK Kernel :D

    7516B73516BA_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG

    8FC22807D04C_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG

    This thread is based on my best practices on how to counter the dreaded BATTERY DRAIN issue.

    I follow the below and get satisfactory results so though should share my Mods & Settings with the community :D

    Warning: Please use the following Mods & Settings at your own risk, I shall not be responsible if any of these break your device. Before you start with any of these MODS, I encourage all users with a custom recovery to take a Nandroid of you current state and then move on to test the below mods at your own risk :p

    screener_20150426(172802).png screener_20150426(172907).png screener_20150426(172837).png

    Lets Get Started :D

    1. Get Xposed Framework Installed on your Lollipop Device: Full Guide Here


    2. Get Amplify Pro - Battery Extender - Control Alarms, Services and Wakelocks (Xposed Module) :


    Description Here Download Here

    Amplify puts you in control of how your device uses your battery by controlling how often your device can wake up, and how long it can stay awake. Use the recommended settings for easy battery savings, or dig in and customize every alarm, service, and wakelock on your device.

    Video Review

    3. Greenify Donation + Xposed Boost Mode

    screener_20150426(171934).png screener_20150426(172723).png screener_20150426(172006).png

    Description Here Download Here Pro Unlock Here

    Video Review:

    Greenify help you identify and put the bad behaving apps into hibernation when you are not using them, stop them from battery leeching, memory hogging and stealthy running, in an elegant and unique way! They could do nothing without your explicit launch, while still have full functionality when running in foreground.

    The built-in App Analyzer will analyze and show apps in your device that keep running persistent services and those launch itself automatically on a regular basis (when network connectivity changes, or every time you unlock your device, install / uninstall / update your apps, etc).

    With Greenify, your Android device would run almost as smooth and lasting as the first day you have it

    DO NOT Greenify alarm clock apps, instant messaging apps unless you never rely on them. Please be sure to verify the impact of greenified apps on which you heavily rely.

    4. Power Nap for Xposed (Sony’s Stamina Mode) (Need Root & Xposed)

    screener_20150426(173220).png screener_20150426(173137).png screener_20150426(173156).png screener_20150426(234603).png screener_20150426(234635).png

    The app works by stopping services, alarms and wakelocks from waking the device when the screen is off. This means you can leave Wi-Fi/data on and still get the notifications from apps you have whitelisted, while all others are unable to wake up your device.

    By using Power Nap, the developer says we can expect to seeas little as 0.2% battery drain per hour (if you don't have many apps whitelisted) during standby. Results may vary by device and depending on which apps have been whitelisted.

    Since it's in Alpha mode, we can expect some bugs, though it still works well.

    To get the app, please request to join the Alpha tester community and then opt-in to become a tester once you are part of the community.

    5. Servicely: Keep your installed app’s services in check (Need Root Access)


    If you're rooted you'll be able to select which services or apps you wanna kill automagically. The app runs a simple service every X seconds (default is 60s) and checks if those services that you've selected are alive. If they are - BOOM - good night. A small detail though, if that service or app is running on the foreground this app won't kill it. It's a small safety measure because you don't want apps that you're using to close on you.

    The app operations run in a dedicated Background Thread so that your normal Android experience is not affected.

    This app is powerful so have some sense of responsibility when using it.

    There's an option to purchase a "Pro" key, but you can also use all the features for free toggling the enable pro option.


    6. Mod Google Play Services] [v7.3.29] SystemUpdateService Wakelock Fix

    Since this issue seems to affecting a lot of people, I decided to share this Calkulin’s fix with you. Basically what this mod does is remove the command that acquires the wakelock, so it never exist.

    Note: If the app updates itself, the wakelock will be back(unless Google fixes it), so I will try to keep this up to date with the latest version until it's not needed anymore.

    To install, flash the zip in recovery & reboot system




    XDA Thread

    7. Using Custom Kernels for better performance & backup:

    AK Kernel

    Boeffla Kernel

    Franco Kernel

    TYR Kernel

    I shall add more mods as i test them.... Custom Settings to follow in the next post.

    Follow the above and i assure you a better backup than usual.

    Cheers :D

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  2. Funk Wizard
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    Funk Wizard , Apr 26, 2015 :
    Usage of Privacy Guard & Built in Settings (All Users)

    1. Adaptive brightness – this is an option under the Display section of the Settings which will run all the time to constantly monitor and change the brightness levels of the phone based on the external conditions. While this is a good option it does run all the time thus sucking the battery juice to a certain extent. Turn this OFF


    2. Ambient Display – this is again another option under the Display section of the Settings, when turned on (is ON by default) splashes notifications on the lock screen in black & white, every time you grab your phone off a table or something. This is a built in feature of Android Lollipop and is very useful. However, it is not that every time you grab the phone you wanna view notifications. You could be heading some where and want to keep the phone in your pocket or mounting the phone onto your car dashboard and the list goes one. So every time you do this, the ambient display comes and goes. While this may not eat up a whole lot of battery, turning this off will do something good.


    3. Adaptive Backlight – similar to the Adaptive display this again keeps running constantly all this time. While turning this option ON is supposed to save battery life, it could be counter productive in that notion in case the external conditions you live force it to change the backlight way too many times. Disable this option.


    4.Google Play Services in Privacy Guard – this one is a major culprit in sucking the hell out of your battery juice.

    Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Privacy Guard > Advanced Settings > Google Play Services and do the following changes:

    4.png 5.png 6.png

    5.(a) Set Location to Ignored

    Setting this to Ignored may affect apps that use location services and hence use this with discretion and per your need. If you use too much of location services then do not change this.


    5.(b) Disable Wake Up


    5.(c) Disable Keep Awake


    6. Brightness Level - Bring down the brightness level to around 25%. But be warned that there could be instances when the phone is used under sunlight and you may have to manually increase the brightness but this step does help a LOT in saving the battery life for you

    Based on my tests, with these tweaks done you should be able to push the battery to give you anywhere between 30-60 minutes of extra life! Always know that it all comes down to one’s usage pattern but the above steps do help. Of course there are general/basic tips that one can also adopt like turning on WiFi or Mobile Data switch ON as and when required and so on which will also help you increase battery life.

    What I also hear is that Cyanogen is aware of this battery drain issue, and is supposed to push a light OTA sometime soon. Hopefully that should fix things up!!
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  3. Funk Wizard
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    Funk Wizard , Apr 26, 2015 :
    Today's Stats ;)

    screener_20150426(230152).png screener_20150426(230206).png screener_20150426(230218).png

    Feel free to share your stats before and after these mods/settings :D

    Stats 04 May 2015

    AE0B8532163F_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG
    473149CB4733_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG
    386BBFDB910F_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG
    7B86B9AA99C7_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG

    Stats 8th May

    E5688D95591A_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG
    60E58D6048AF_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG
    FDC0D4E8EA71_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG
    14E72146839F_OnePlus One_0_PORTRAIT.PNG
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    cabhay , Apr 26, 2015 :
    you do so much [​IMG].... i just play games with it then charge again [​IMG] ... will try some of your stuff (using greenify since first week)

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    Funk Wizard , Apr 26, 2015 :
    I like experimenting so try to get the maximum out of the resources.

    Welcome Buddy :D

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    Thanks.. :)

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    Funk Wizard , Apr 27, 2015 :
    Cheers for your support :D

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    vivek289 , Apr 27, 2015 :

    Does this look like this :D


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    Dharmin.shah8998 , Apr 27, 2015 :
    Guys I am facing this wired issue..in memory status its showing maximum memory as 45 GB.. M on cm11s.. Stock..no rooting nothing done.. M not a tech guy..suggestions please.
    P.s. earlier it showed 54 GB when I bought phone..after that I never checked

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  16. Funk Wizard
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    Funk Wizard , Apr 27, 2015 :
    Looks something like this, is perfectly fine


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    vivek289 , Apr 27, 2015 :
    OK OK :D

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    slaha11 , Apr 27, 2015 :
    great stuff!

    Following the steps of 2nd post for a week (stock phone), and now I am able to cross 6 hours SOT, till the last 15% of battery.

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    BigP , Apr 27, 2015 :
    Awesome work @Funk Wizard. This is the best thread on the forums I have seen. Many many people are worried about battery backup and it is badly affecting on cm12s. I am sure it will help lot of people.

    One question for "6. Mod Google Play Services] [v7.3.29] SystemUpdateService Wakelock Fix".

    Can we flash this fix using stock recovery, boot loader locked (everything default)?

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