[Guide] How to locate your lost OnePlus

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    ajinkyakarnik , Jan 14, 2015 :
    They won't be able to.
    These methods won't work after a factory reset.
    Cerebus looks awesome! I'll add it to my post.
    Thanks for the tip. :)

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    mind blowing info, thanks a lot... keep up the good work...

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    ...you could also put it on a milk carton. I think that would be less work :)

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    ajinkyakarnik , Jan 14, 2015 :
    From their help page :

    I have a rooted device. Can I get additional features?
    Yes! If you have rooted your device you can integrate Cerberus into your ROM and get two additional features: complete uninstall protection (Cerberus will even survive a wipe/factory reset) and GPS auto-enabling when you start tracking the device. To have these features uninstall Cerberus, then download cerberus.zip, put it on the sd card and install it from recovery. You can also integrate Cerberus into the ROM with the "Convert to system app" feature of Link2SD: install the app, open it, long-press on Cerberus in the list of installed apps and select "Convert to system app". Cerberus is also available on ROM Manager.

    If that method doesn't work, you can manually install Cerberus in /system/app this way:
    - Uninstall Cerberus from your device
    - Download Cerberus.apk and put the file on your sd card
    - Open a terminal emulator and execute:

    mount -o remount,rw /system
    cp /sdcard/Cerberus.apk /system/app/
    chmod 644 /system/app/Cerberus.apk

    On Android 4.4 and later versions, the app must be installed in /system/priv-app, so the last two commands would be:

    cp /sdcard/Cerberus.apk /system/priv-app/
    chmod 644 /system/priv-app/Cerberus.apk

    - Now Cerberus should be installed as a system application. Try to open the app, log in and see if it works.


    From AndroidCentral Forums review
    If you are rooted you will see a "Grant Superuser" button. You simply click this and it will ask for Superuser access to your phone. Doing this allows Cerberus to embed itself within your system so it can protect itself from a device reset. Also if you are rooted you can have Cerberus enabled GPS even if it is off (unless you are on Android < 2.3.3 --- then you do not need root.)

    Please check with their forums and this indepth review for more information.

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    This info is worth reading and follow it too..!!!
    Thank you buddy for providing this useful info.. :)

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    thisguysayswht , Jan 14, 2015 :
    Completely false. You can still boot to recovery with hardware keys. Not to mention, even if you could put a password on a recovery, the thief could just hard key to fastboot, unlock your bootloader, and flash a stock image (or a different recovery).;)

    Also, this:
    Is pretty much useless as well. The ability to hard reboot by holding the power button, and the ability to boot to the recovery with hardkeys is baked into the firmware of the chipset.

    Your best bet is if your on a 4.* rooted ROM to install the APM xposed module. It prompts the power menu on the lock screen, but when you press power off it just turns the screen off until you hard reboot.

    Not trying to be a dick, just wanted to point out that's there is absolutely no way to stop someone from wiping your device, thus stopping any attempts to locate it.

    Just trying to stop people from having a false sense of security and such. The best you can do on a phone is encrypt your data so you just lose the phone, and not your credit/money.

    Other than that its a nice guide. Thanks for posting. :)
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    ajinkyakarnik , Jan 14, 2015 :
    Well thats why I said 'untested'.:p I'll remove that info.:D
    If a thief is savvy enough, no software can protect you.:(
    The only way would be tracking software embedded in firmware (LoJack?) or a specialized tracking chip which can be only disabled with PIN/Password/Biometric identity:rolleyes:
    Thanks for pointing that out.:)

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    very informative!! :)

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    BigP , Jan 14, 2015 :
    Nice info. I had lost my samsung phone earlier but was not able to track it.
    The thief's are very intelligent. They know how to factory reset it even if we do all this things.
    There should be a better way to track the phone something with IMEI number.
    We all know it can be tracked but only phone companies. They also track it when they receives a complaint from police/cyber crime department but the chances of getting phone back is only 1% and it can take 1-2 years.

    Customers should be able to track their phone using IMEI.

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