[GUIDE] Mega Unbrick Guide for A Hard Bricked OnePlus 5

  1. Titokhan
    Honeycomb Aug 7, 2017

    Titokhan , Aug 7, 2017 :
    Similar to the previous threads for OnePlus 2, OnePlus 3 (3T), here are the necessary packages to unbrick/revive a hard bricked OnePlus 5.

    Download: https://www.androidfilehost.com/?w=files&flid=204903
    With the device powered off, hold Volume Up button to force it to boot to Qualcomm download mode.

    For detailed procedures, please consult the linked threads above. There is no reason to repeat the same thing again.

    Make sure the path of the extracted files doesn't contain any non-English character. The tool isn't unicode aware.

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  2. Meet Gohil
    Eclair Aug 7, 2017

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  3. Titokhan
    Honeycomb Sep 7, 2017

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  4. gunitseoulja
    Cupcake Feb 13, 2018

  5. X1512964625366
    Froyo Feb 14, 2018

  6. Titokhan
    Honeycomb Feb 14, 2018

    Titokhan , Feb 14, 2018 :
    Thanks for the feedback, but I presume you want to post under this thread.

  7. lolokposs
    Cupcake Mar 8, 2018

    lolokposs , Mar 8, 2018 :
    SOS , j'ai besoin de votre aide, mon oneplus 5 que j’ai, s’est planté et ne redémarre pas. Au fait l’écran reste figé sur l’icône de oneplus.Au fait, ça s’est planté, j’ai essayé de redémarrage, mais chaque fois, ça reste figé sur l’image de oneplus et ne démarre pas

    Quand j'essaie de faire un hard reset ( volume bas+bouton d'alimentation), je n'ai rien à part l'icône de ONEPLUS. après , plus rien.(voir photo 1).
    Quand j'essaie de faire un fastboot mode (volume haut + bouton d'alimentation, j'ai ce menu qui apparaît (voir photo 2). Maintenant , quand ce menu apparaît, quelque soit le choix que je fais (START/ RECOVERY MODE/RESTART BOOTLOADER), l'écran reste toujours figé sur l'icone de ONEPLUS (voir photo 1).
    Quand je suis dans le FASTBOOT MODE et que je connecte le téléphone à mon macbook pro,et que je tape la commande " ./fastboot devices ", mon oneplus 5 est parfaitement reconnu (voir photo 3)... il est aussi reconnu par mon pc.

    J'ai téléchargé Oneplus 5 Unbrick tool (msm download tool v 4.3) , le logiciel aussi reconnait mon oneplus 5 et envoie pleins de fichiers vers le téléphone. A la fin, ca me marque DOWNLOAD COMPLETE en vert (voir photo 4) et aussitôt le téléphone vibre.... mais reste toujours coincé sur l'icône de ONEPLUS et ne démarre pas.

    SVP, je vous en supplie AIDEZ MOI...

  8. G_Raghav_Sambrey_sVsK
    Gingerbread Mar 9, 2018

    G_Raghav_Sambrey_sVsK , Mar 9, 2018 :
    Can someone please guide me on how to revert back to Nougat? I searched for the guide here on the community, but found nothing. Also, I tried to install the nougat (4.5.10) package from the recovery, but somehow it failed. It would be great if you provide me with step by step instructions on the reverting process. (PS: My phone is not rooted and has stock recovery).

  9. Titokhan
    Honeycomb Mar 9, 2018

  10. G_Raghav_Sambrey_sVsK
    Gingerbread Mar 10, 2018

    G_Raghav_Sambrey_sVsK , Mar 10, 2018 :
    Yeah well thanks for the reply. I actually flashed the official Nougat (ver 4.5.8) from the recovery....while flashing it showed 'updating' and the loading sign began, but somehow it just stopped itself and then the 'updating' menu disappeared and i was back on the main recovery screen (which shows language options where we all pick English). No errors are being showed....it just jumps back to the main recovery screen. It would be great if you help....

  11. Titokhan
    Honeycomb Jun 14, 2018

  12. StephDesire
    Cupcake Jun 21, 2018

  13. Titokhan
    Honeycomb Jun 22, 2018

    Titokhan , Jun 22, 2018 :
    Which file have you downloaded?

  14. StephDesire
    Cupcake Jun 22, 2018

  15. Titokhan
    Honeycomb Jun 22, 2018

    Titokhan , Jun 22, 2018 :
    There's no password in that, in fact in the other files too. Which version of WinRAR are you using?

  16. StephDesire
    Cupcake Jun 22, 2018

  17. djnim
    Cupcake Jun 28, 2018

    djnim , Jun 28, 2018 :
    No password.. i have double checked.. and then uploaded

  18. Titokhan
    Honeycomb Jun 28, 2018

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  19. Pierre02
    Honeycomb Nov 17, 2018

  20. H1551574886725
    Cupcake Apr 1, 2019

    H1551574886725 , Apr 1, 2019 :
    hello friends I have a problem when making the recovery the wifi does not work for me. any solution?