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  1. Universal Ex
    Honeycomb Dec 8, 2014

    Universal Ex , Dec 8, 2014 :

    because I’ve seen so many people saying things like "I’m waiting for 2 Months now and still haven’t got an invite" I created this 8 Step tutorial called

    "How to get an invite for Dummies"


    Before you start following the tutorial make sure you live in one of the supported countries:
    • United States
    • Sweden
    • Denmark
    • Netherlands
    • United Kingdom
    • Spain
    • Germany
    • France
    • Italy
    • Finland
    • Belgium
    • Austria
    • Canada
    • Hong Kong
    • Portugal
    • India
    • Indonesia
    • Bulgaria
    • Slovenia
    • Slovakia
    • Romania
    • Poland
    • Malaysia
    • Malta
    • Luxembourg
    • Lithuania
    • Latvia
    • Ireland
    • Hungary
    • Estonia
    • Czech Republic
    • Cyprus
    • Greece
    • Croatia
    If you were not able to find your country here you can’t purchase the One Plus One this way. Sorry for you

    If you found your country >> Please read the following steps carefully!

    If you live in India you can also purchase the phone on the Indian amazon website

    (thanks to @feluda for enlighten me)


    Step 1: Get your *** up ! (The invite won’t fly in your hands on its own)

    Step 2: Head to the Invites-Section "https://forums.oneplus.net/forums/invites/"

    Step 3: Search for a thread with "X invites to share" or "Free invites" or "invite to give away (lasting only ** minutes") or something like that in the title. READ THE THREAD CAREFULLY (it may contain some regulations like "NO CUPCAKES")

    Don’t even consider to create a thread begging for an invite! It’s useless and your thread will be closed immediately!

    Be careful when giving out personal information such as email for an invite. You will never know who is on the other side and if he will abuse it or not.

    Care about the Date the thread was created (You don’t want to reply to a thread which is obviously that old that there is no possibility the OP has still invites left) (Otherwise you still can enter here thanks to @amankapoor or THE INVITELIST thanks to @pieRRRrrre or the invite-list thanks to @deniz1864 .) PM (send a personal message) the guy who created the thread and say something like "pls send me the invite" If you’re lucky you will have a valid invite code soon.

    In the meantime you can also copy this banner


    into your Signature so that other people can see it and might will give you one

    How to add Invite jpg to signature:

    Top Right of the page beside the word Forums select the person icon drop down>Signature.

    In this section paste the waiting for an invite picture; click the little icon which looks like a little picture (with mountains and a sun or something)

    Now paste this URL: https://forums-images.oneplus.net/data/webimg/2021/01-29/6013b9df42ba1.jpg

    and click "INSERT"

    After than you click on "SAVE CHANGES" and you’re done

    Congratulations! You are one Step further to you new One Plus One

    HOT tip:
    If you are no Cupcake anymore you can also join the "Titans Of Invites-Thread" thanks to @Beyoncé or contact the "Angel of Invites" through there website or write a good reason why u derve a invite here thanks to @Kallen.

    Step 4: Don’t be a douche and say at least "Thank you" to the Donator of your invite (maybe you also refer to him/her in your signature (like me))

    Step 5: CLAIM the Invite and ORDER your OPO in within the Given Time Span.

    Step 6: Be patient! It can take a while till your OPO arrives (don’t spam the forum with threads like ("....I’m waiting X days and still haven’t got my OPO ...").

    Step 7: Be happy and enjoy your OPO

    Step 8: "Share the Love" with other Members of this Forum (share your invites) so they can order their OPO too.


    This thread is subject to change (I will expand it from time to time)

    If this method worked for you please come back and leave a comment so that other members can see that this really works

    If you are the "original poster" (OP) of a thread which purpose is to make it easier for people to get an invite or you are the leader of an "invite sharing group" contact me via. PM here in the forums and I will include you as an option in Step 3.

    kind regards
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  2. DanKeogh
    Froyo Dec 8, 2014

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    Froyo Dec 8, 2014

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  6. bohue
    Eclair Dec 8, 2014

    bohue , Dec 8, 2014 :
    Nice of you to make a guide for us dummies. I think perseverance is the most important thing to have

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  7. Universal Ex
    Honeycomb Dec 8, 2014

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  10. Universal Ex
    Honeycomb Dec 9, 2014

    Universal Ex , Dec 9, 2014 :
    Just be patient. Wait a bit and you will find one ;)

  11. Universal Ex
    Honeycomb Dec 9, 2014

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