[GUIDE] Worst Apps That Drain Phone Battery

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    peaky blinders , May 29, 2017 :
    1. Snapchat

    This is the most battery-hogging social media app.


    Enable Travel Mode. Travel Mode prevents Snapchat from pre-loading images and videos in your feed. You’ll find it in the app’s settings.

    You should also disable location tracking, a major battery leech. But be warned, this also disables geofilters.

    2. Tinder

    Tinder sucks the life out of your battery. The app is all about finding people who are around you, so it constantly tracks your location and refreshes the data based on that.

    "What You Can Do"

    Go from an “always active” Tinder user to a more passive one. Switch off the app’s background refresh so it stops working silently when you aren’t even looking at it. You might also want to disable all notifications while you’re at it. This combination leads to better battery performance.

    3. BBC News (or Any News App)

    News apps are important to stay updated, but this comes at the cost of battery life. Apps for BBC News, NYTimes, NDTV, CNN, and others constantly refresh in the background.

    "What You Can Do"

    Ditch the apps. Uninstall any news app you have. It offers nothing substantially more than their mobile site. So simply turn the mobile web site into a home screen bookmark with your browser if it allows you to. It takes less space, data, and battery.

    4. Microsoft Outlook

    This is a surprising contender on battery hogging. Microsoft makes some great Android apps, and the Outlook email app has been winning people over.

    "What You Can Do"

    Email apps would be useless if they didn’t refresh in the background. While one can make a case to disable email notifications, you’re better off simply changing to a different app.

    5. Facebook and Messenger

    The biggest social network in the world is also one of the biggest battery drainers. The Facebook app, and its sister app Messenger, constantly rank high in battery hogging. It’s logical when you consider how many Android permissions Facebook asks for.

    "What You Can Do"

    Remove the main apps and install Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite, the company’s lightweight alternatives. Both apps use less data, resources, and battery. You’ll miss a few functions, like video calling, but the overall experience is excellent.

    My personal favourite to Facebook is "friendly for facebook".

    6. Amazon Shopping

    If you have the Amazon Shopping app installed on your phone, get rid of it right now. Amazon has plenty of deals and offers, but the app is not well optimized for Android. Amazon drains battery as the app constantly pings servers in the background to get you the latest deals.

    "What You Can Do"

    The Amazon Shopping app is hardly any different from the Amazon mobile web site. Uninstall the app and do all your shopping from a browser instead. Or browse clutter-free Amazon sites on desktops.

    7. musical.ly

    This social network for aspiring music stars has been growing in popularity and taking its slice of battery life with it. Musical.ly is filling the void left by Vine, but it isn’t the background process that kills battery here. When you run the app, it uses a tremendous amount of hardware resources and is a data hog as well. The result is that it consumes far more battery than the average app.

    "What You Can Do"

    Like Facebook and Messenger, you can download musical.ly lite for Android. This lightweight version has most of the features of the main app, but uses less resources and data.

    8. YouTube, Netflix, and Other Streaming Apps

    If you prefer to stream all your movies and music, then it’s only natural that those apps will use a lot of battery. After all, they’re using either Wi-Fi or data, and in the case of video streaming, your screen is also on all the time.

    "What You Can Do"

    There’s not much you can do here, since the experience requires battery usage. The best you can hope to achieve is through small tricks. For example, manually set the screen brightness to the lowest for comfortable viewing when streaming videos, or use wired headphones instead of Bluetooth ones.

    You could try the YouTube Go app still in beta. It’s more battery-efficient and reduces data usage too.

    YouTube Go is designed to be offline first, and will function even when you aren’t connected to the internet. It’s also cost-effective, reducing data usage and putting you in control. It also offers a simple user interface and upfront video recommendations, potentially saving you time and trouble.

    In a nutshell, YouTube Go let's you -

    See which videos are trending and popular in your area.

    Download videos to watch offline later.

    Preview videos before you watch or save them.

    Choose your resolution before saving or streaming.

    Choose the amount of data to spend on each video.

    Share videos with others quickly without using any data.

    YouTube Go is obviously aimed at people with underpowered phones, slow connection speeds, and/or restrictive data caps. However, depending on where you live, you may be able to try it out right now by downloading here -

    Download from Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.google.android.apps.youtube.mango


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    Cleaning apps and battery optimising apps will also kill your device battery !!!!
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    peaky blinders , May 29, 2017 :
    That is true. Thought with so many people complaining about battery issues they may have some of these installed

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    Thanks hopefully some use to others

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    MarkLR , May 29, 2017 :
    I can confirm Amazon being a battery drainer. Not only that, but it will use some Google apis so the Amazon app itself will not show up on top in the battery usage stats. I found out it was draining my battery via a third party app called Better Battery Stats (installed from XDA and since I'm not rooted I had to give it additional permissions through ADB). Using that app I was able to make out which apps were really draining my battery, and it was that piece of shit Amazon app causing most of it.

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    peaky blinders , May 29, 2017 :
    Also I would not recommend any cleaning or battery optimisation apps as they just drain the life out of your device

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    I have the Amazon app installed and my betterbatterystats I have a battery utilisation of 0.4% per hour, in stand by. how is that possible then?

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    you not but the cupcakes are not compatible with search any more so they may find it useful if they accidentally find the thread

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    cm apps are the worst. remove them immediately.

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    I don't know. Maybe when it happened to me the app was bugged and it had an issue. Maybe they fixed it now. I'm still not reinstalling it. By the way it was the Amazon Underground app, not the regular Amazon app that gave me issues.

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    then how to clear caches and all junk? suggest me something!?

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    Well cut & paste merchants have to stick together, I'm sure he'll refresh this if the original source is updated.

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