[Submitted to Jira] H+ problems with WIND carrier

  1. gattobau Donut Aug 22, 2017

    gattobau, Aug 22, 2017 :
    I swithced my oneplus 3t with the new Oneplus5.

    I’ve ever had WIND carrier on my sim. Never had problems. Now with oneplus 5 the connection when it is in H+, freeze for about 15-30 seconds, then start again to work for abou some times, and re-freeze for another 15-30 seconds. Like an infinite loop.

    If I switch to ONLY LTE option ( by the menu *#*#4636*#*#) there are no problems.

    I Repeat, never had problems with other phones, oneplus 3t too.

    I’ve changed sim, I’ve done the form

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  2. DazSaz92 Cupcake Sep 13, 2017

  3. AnotherM1m Donut Sep 14, 2017

    AnotherM1m, Sep 14, 2017 :
    The APN settings aren't causing the problem.
    I am 100% sure they are set correctly, but still the network doesn't work while in H/H+.
    The support reinstalled my whole phone and even after that the problem is here.
    They said they notified the support about this problem.
    We'll see.

  4. okiesuparno Cupcake Oct 7, 2017

    okiesuparno, Oct 7, 2017 :
    i've update to 4.5.12 the H+ trouble still exist. the only solution I've tried and succeeded is to use 2 sim cards at once.