Happy or Unhappy ? with OP 3T


Are you happy with your OnePlus 3T

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  1. Akhil_Parujan Gingerbread Mar 20, 2017

    Akhil_Parujan, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Overall I like the phone.
    I came from a Samsung Galaxy S4 with approximately 2 hours of screen on time.
    The 3T gets me 4.5 hours of SOT so I'm very pleased with it so far. I am still doing battery life tests because I have only had this phone for 1 month.

    The camera performance is better than my S4 so I am happy about that.

    The performance is excellent, apps open fast and more RAM means more apps stay in the background compared to my S4.

    There are a few things I can be nit picky about.
    I can't use my 3T with touch sensitive winter gloves, whereas my S4 had no problems with gloves (glove mode disabled).
    The loud speaker is great for videos and music but mediocre for phone calls, I find it to be not loud enough. My S4 had a boost volume feature.
    The Alert Slider is something I wanted to use, but found that it isn't very customizable.
    The cameras are good but I wouldn't mind a slightly wider field of view and better low light pictures.
    Some of the hardware and software features I thought I would be using I don't, like the ambient notifications, alert slider, pocket detection and more. Fortunately these weren't deal breakers because double tap to wake and sleep is perfectly fine for me.

    Overall I voted YES, but I am working to improve my own experience with the phone with finding great apps and customization.

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  2. stephenboyo KitKat Mar 20, 2017

    stephenboyo, Mar 20, 2017 :
    I'm just bored with it. Need to move on to something more exciting. I'm done!

  3. D. Ip Gingerbread Mar 20, 2017

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  4. LautaroRonda Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

  5. Akhil_Parujan Gingerbread Mar 20, 2017

    Akhil_Parujan, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Hmm bored with what exactly, the physical form of the phone, the software or just everything?

    I am not sure what else you could be looking for in a phone?

    I am not against Samsung or anything but you could get one, an S8 or S8+ with "Edge" based screens, maybe two cameras on the back. A ton a features that you'll likely not use like Face unlock, Iris scanner and so much more.

    I previously owned a Galaxy S4 and it had a ton of hardware and software features and I literally don't use any.
    In terms of hardware features:
    I extremely rarely use the IR blaster.
    Removable battery, I've only used this for 1 month when my charging port stopped working.
    SD card slot, well I don't like using an SD card slot so I don't use that.
    Face detection to keep the screen on, well that doesn't work at night when I'm reading so that was useless to me.

    Wave over a sensor to activate the screen to show notifications, it works, but it was buggy and caused battery drain when it becomes buggy.
    I did use multi-window on occassion, but I didn't entirely like how it was implemented.
    And so much more.

    I found the Galaxy S4 to have so many features that I just didn't use for whatever reason.

    I feel like having a more basic phone and then finding apps that provide the features I need or want is not a bad approach. Of course there's an issue if a third party app isn't supported anymore then you'll lose that functionality in the future.

    You'll only know what you really like based on your own experience, maybe if you try to learn from others' honest experience.

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  6. mat87 Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

    mat87, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Very happy but one thing really annoying me.
    I mean capacity buttons which on my opinion should be highlight in dark room. Same once there is dark outside.
    Developers, please add this feature in next oxygen release. After that phone willa be absolutely Perfect one.

  7. Raju Neeli Eclair Mar 20, 2017

  8. G_ASHISH_GUPTA_xpTV Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

  9. Sathvik_K_R Gingerbread Mar 20, 2017

  10. chintanpatel1989 Donut Mar 20, 2017

  11. Singh is Kinng Gingerbread Mar 20, 2017

    Singh is Kinng, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Only had this device since Friday. Originally had the LG G4 which developed a fault at xmas and was provided a Samsung S6 by my network provider as a like for like replacement. Device just wasn't for me. Was always an LG fan since the G2 however upon hearing the OPO 3T and the specs under the hood I knew this was the phone for me. So far this phone has exceeded my expectations. To many pro's to list. Got the 128GB.

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  12. 29592588 Donut Mar 20, 2017

  13. jacmold Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

  14. BeingIncog Lollipop Mar 20, 2017

  15. brrisk Froyo Mar 20, 2017

  16. fltingfish1166 Donut Mar 20, 2017

  17. ankitmangal69 Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

  18. stephenboyo KitKat Mar 20, 2017

    stephenboyo, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Well im just through with the phone. Nothing exciting. It could be all Androids but also the design and drabness of Oxygen . I've had several OP phones so it's time to move on. I doubt that things will get amupre exciting than this. I can understand if this is your first OP phone and experience and how exciting it must be. However it isn't for me anymore

  19. Woodysk Honeycomb Mar 20, 2017

    Woodysk, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Wanted a flagship. Didnt wanted waste money for which i Can buy a nextgen console or i7 PC.

    Changed OP2 for OP3T. And overall happy, got on OP2 max 4h SoT by daily use now I Have 8h...

    I cant be even mad on OP for those small bugs. This phone is perfect. And even more OP has open policy to install custom ROM without breaking warranty.

    This is a win win for me. Also have good experience with customer care while i was RMA OP2 last time for a display issue. They can listen if you cab explain it correctly.


  20. G_Boris_Goyke_ovNU Cupcake Mar 20, 2017