Harry Potter and The OnePlus Watch

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    OnePlus Watch
    Harry Potter Edition
    House of Gryffindor

    Harry Potter is new to the Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry and is making new friends and Enemies very soon. Little did he know then that he was about have the best time of his life. One of the first Gifts that would greatly help him in Hogwarts was the OnePlus Watch.

    The Arrival

    The OnePlus Watch was designed made and Enchanted by His dad James Potter and his Friends who had made one for each of them and now as the heir of James Potter the watch naturaly was his now. He received the watch in a strange package addressed to him. The moment the he picked up the watch is asked him to tap it with his wand and when he did it instantly paired with the wand and Him and displayed" Hello Harry, Welcome to the Wizarding world. Consider this as a Gift from your Dad. Sorry I can't be there to see you grow up and play with you but this can help you out in your future pranks.

    Mysteries Unravel

    Harry wore the watch like a regular watch and he was a admiring it a lot for the coming week. During one of it their nocturnal rendevos in their fight against Snape and his supposed scheme for his master Tom the watch came handy many a times. The watch had the maurauders maps which had every secret passages in the Hogwarts using which they have in many cases ns a avoided being found by Filch and Snape.

    Stress Monitoring

    Another feature that helped Harry was the stress monitoring feature. This has helped him in avoiding the recurring nightmares by detecting the stress levels and giving an alarm when it notices these alarming increasing in stress levels

    SpO2 and Heart rate measurement

    SpO2 measurement was another one of these features that helped him overcome his shortcomings in dueling. He had the variety and capability in spells but he was let down in the Longer duels by his bad stamina which was indicated by the low SpO2 levels during the duels.

    110+ activity tracking

    The sollution as aptly suggested by h hermoine was the exercising and proper diet. Luckily the watch had a great number of fitness tracking modes for Harry to see how he was progressing and goals to keep him motivated. And Hermoine and Ron exercised with him keeping him company and competition. Ofcourse Ron wasn't willing but he could not disobey Hermoine.

    Storage for Songs

    If they both can't make it to the grounds due to some reason you have your motivational songs to keep you pumped during your exercises. You don't need your phone for the watch can restore your songs offline. Your hands and pockets can be free when exercising and you he won't be distracted by your phone.

    Let's see what other helpful features Harry gets to his watch in the futures updates or versions

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