Has anyone encountered these problems of OnePlus 7 Pro ?

  1. MindNamaeIzTAN
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    MindNamaeIzTAN , Jun 13, 2019 :
    Hello OnePlus Community International Forum.
    In OnePlus Community Thailand, our members who bought OnePlus 7 Pro both from the official distributor (GM1913) and parallel importer (Mostly GM1910 from China) encountered too many problems about the build quality such as the dust inside the camera, the glue stains in the back panel, the frame of the device which has been assembled higher than the screen, and the most problem, the crappy sound when pressing the screen. It always has more than 4 cases posted in the community Facebook group and it is the appalling amount of defects. Just to clarify in other regions because when I Googled about these problems, no reports about these problems appeared. Me, myself, encounter the problem about the crappy sound too but it doesn't seem to be that big deal for me so I decided to use it and the problem disappeared in 7 days. However, others don't.

    Min 2:24 is his first 7 Pro and 6:47 is his second 7 Pro. This guy has exchanged his OnePlus 7 Pro from the distributor 2 times, and found 2 times same defect. Such a horrible feeling when you buy 749$ Phone (in Thailand, the price is around 995$ (12GB Ram).

    https://streamable.com/vu2a0 This guy too, found the same defect in 2 devices in a row.

    https://streamable.com/907cx This guy found 3 times in a row, superb.

    https://i.imgur.com/cIEW400.jpg This guy exchanged his OnePlus 7 Pro 5 or 7 times, I cannot actually remember how many times he goes to the distributor's shop for exchanging his product.

    and many more cases I haven't mention. Maybe I can post this link in the Facebook group for people who encountered post their problems about this super gorgeous flagship device. Everything else is great, just the quality control of them.

    Would like to hear good answers from OnePlus official.

    To be honest, being OnePlus fanboy since they haven't released OnePlus One yet, these are the most disappointing problems from them.
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    Loesak , Jun 13, 2019 :
    and sadly, this is my first 1+ phone.
    how about impression if the phone you brought is defect?

    1+, in Thailand, is very strong brand and community. For the phone prior to 7pro, it got a great user reviews. that is a reason why I chose 1+.

    what happend to 7pro ... and QC ...
    there are so many users in community reported that his phone is defect. oh yeah. you never walk alone haha. 1+ break a trust ?

    user sound:
    - price is too high if compare TH/EU/CN , so many Thais brouht it from oversea
    - price is too high if compare to another brand -- better promotion, special gift, after sale service etc
    - we need a good after sale service
    - AND QC improvement
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