Has OnePlus stopped caring about customers?

  1. Vhsm
    Donut Jan 21, 2022

    Vhsm , Jan 21, 2022 :
    So starting from the beginning, I bought a OnePlus 8T with an anniversary discount on the 17 of December, it should've arrived on 20 of December and nothing, so because of covid and Christmas time, I decided to wait some more days, ate 28 of December I contacted support and they asked me to wait some more days. Long story short, and after several contacts with support, today, they told me that they wouldn't do anything about my order, OnePlus 8T is sold out and there was no other option for me and just made a refund, after 34 days of my order, they decided to do a refund without my agreement. I made the order using a credit card, so now I don't have a phone, and have credit card debt because of OnePlus just don't care about customers.

    I'm a long time customer with several phones bought and really wasn't expecting this kind of treatment from OnePlus.

    Anyone with a similar situation? Just bad luck and bad professionals taking care of my situation?

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  2. danevans18
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 21, 2022

    danevans18 , via OnePlus 8T , Jan 21, 2022 :
    Ill be honest, and even though your whole situation wasn't handled with "care", the 8T is in fact an older phone.
    I've noticed one thing, a new series comes out and they stop making the older series of mobiles (which makes sense).
    So I feel you ordered the 8T at the wrong time. They may have been genuine and no longer stock it as their focus is on the 9 series as well as the upcoming 10 series.
    I'd say bad luck.although I'll agree they shouldn't have let you order it on the first place if they didn't have it.

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  3. Mr. BG
    Welcoming Expert, Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Jan 22, 2022

    Mr. BG , Jan 22, 2022 :
    FYI, it was probably stock clearance. The 8T is an old model, they don't make them anymore (phones are usually made in batches)

    Stock was probably about gone when you ordered, they may have tried to Check in other channels, but no dice it seems, so you got a refund.

    I don't see how you have a debt now, as you got a refund, and I don't think they need your agreement for a refund if they can't deliver.

    Could it have been more elegant, let's say offer you a OP9 with a bit of a discount? Probably yes.

  4. Vhsm
    Donut Jan 22, 2022

    Vhsm , via OnePlus 3T , Jan 22, 2022 :
    It's exactly that, I know it was stock clearance, and I thought that I have gotten a good deal of it.
    Then it was supposedly the delivery company that lost the package..
    But what I really find unexpected is that they took one month to have a decision, I really can't understand why, and worst, the 8T is still available to order at the OnePlus store.. why don't they send a new order then?

    It makes me feel that right now, they don't even care about customers anymore

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  5. puccellino
    Lollipop Jan 22, 2022

    puccellino , Jan 22, 2022 :
    You are not the first person to feel bad about OnePlus support staff, you won't be the last.

    But they sell a lot of phones now, and for every unhappy customer, there are many who never need to contact CS, so are happy.

    The company won't change, and aren't trying to. You need to make your mind up if their phones are worth it or not.
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  6. Mr. BG
    Welcoming Expert, Community Hero 2020 Community Expert Jan 22, 2022

    Mr. BG , Jan 22, 2022 :
    I'm just a community member, like you. I don't have the answer to that other than what @puccellino already stated above.

    I am also old enough to remember you couldn't order stuff online in the old days. I've made a habit of asking my local electronics supplier if he can get what I want.

    It costs usually just a little bit more, but it's great to avoid the hassle of delivery and warranty issues

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  7. Owski97
    Honeycomb Jan 23, 2022

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