HDR content issueson OnePlus 8T via OnePlus 8T

  1. GirishSL
    Gingerbread Jan 22, 2021

    GirishSL , via OnePlus 8T , Jan 22, 2021 :
    It's been long time now OnePlus 8T was launched in October 2020 it's been nearly 4 mths now and still got no updates regarding HDR content playing issues while Playing HDR content the on Netflix, Amazon prime or YouTube the whole screen colours gets faded hdr increase the color perfection bit here it's opposite really frustrated i purchased this device to enjoy HDR content but now it's really irritating even after being red cable pro member and showing great loyalty towards this brand no one cares.

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  2. SaveEarth
    Gingerbread Jan 23, 2021

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  4. psygarden
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 23, 2021

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  6. Navdeep_Malik
    Jelly Bean Jan 24, 2021

    Navdeep_Malik , Jan 24, 2021 :
    It's a software issue and OnePlus should be working on it! It should be getting fixed in coming software updates..

  7. florincostescu
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 24, 2021

  8. GirishSL
    Gingerbread Jan 24, 2021

    GirishSL , via OnePlus 8T , Jan 24, 2021 :
    My frnds are also OnePlus fan's even they were eager to purchase OnePlus 8T but due to this HDR issue I said them to wait or switch to some alternative or wait for OP 9 response i was first in line to purchase this device on the day of lunch I purchased it and I think it was a mistake if had already knew about this issue I would not have purchased it.

  9. Sreeraj@1995
    Gingerbread Jan 26, 2021

  10. SaveEarth
    Gingerbread Feb 9, 2021

    SaveEarth , via OnePlus 8T Lunar Silver , Feb 9, 2021 :
    🛑🛑 For download content only 🛑🛑
    everyone today i find work around for this issue for only HDR download content. said:
    I was watching planet earth 2 in HDR which i download and i use MX player to watch content and when i played HDR episode in HW or HW+ then i can see the that typical greenish issue that we are talking about in this thread but when i switched it to SW codec then that issue went away and i can see proper OLED black and HDR videos also started looking very true colours.
    But SW use CPU not GPU so in MX player it started freezing so i switched to VLC player and switch ON hardware acceleration>decoding acceleration in VLC and the freezing issue gone and i can enjoy Pure HDR.
    So just download VLC and switch to SW your issue should be solved for download HDR content.
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