Sound Headset Microphone does not work in Bluetooth and wired headphones

  1. Paccman
    Froyo Feb 19, 2018

    Paccman , Feb 19, 2018 :
    First, apologies if this is posted elsewhere, I did do a search before posting this and couldn't find my problem...

    Model : OnePlus 5T
    OS / Version : Oxygen 5.0.3 Android Version 8.0
    Recovery : Stock
    Root : No
    Problem : Microphone on Headsets not Working

    Weird problem started around a week ago. When I plug in wired headphones, I can hear clearly but cannot use the microphone, the built in phone microphone is still active.

    At first I though maybe the person at the other end of the line had the problem until I discovered that if I talked into the Phone mic, sound was clear for the other party. I tested this using the recorder that comes on the phone and it turns out no sound is being picked up by the Headset Mic, the phone mic is still active! Tries different headsets (that work fine on another phone) with the same result.

    Tested on Bluetooth headphones and again, sound comes through the headphone speakers as expected but microphone does not work, I still talk into the phone mic for anyone to hear me.

    This problem was not there when I was on Nougat and I'm wondering if the update was the cause. I have already restarted the phone in recovery and cleared cache numerous times but the problem persists.

    Anyone come across this? Is there something very obvious I have not looked at?


  2. Paccman
    Froyo Feb 20, 2018

    Paccman , Feb 20, 2018 :

    Downgraded to Nougat, problem disappeared.

    Will enjoy my phone on Nougat for a week before upgrading again. It was a pain restoring all the APPS!