Headset voice call issue with type C converter

  1. Ramjigopinath Cupcake Aug 14, 2019 at 6:04 AM

    Ramjigopinath, Aug 14, 2019 at 6:04 AM :
    I'm using OnePlus 7 and having OnePlus type C converter cable for listening music and handling calls on 3.5 mm headphone.. I set screen off timer for 30 seconds..

    Here is the issue - My mobile is connected to headset and receiving calls, I hit MFB (Multi Function Button) on headset to answer calls. Now when the phone display turns off after 30 seconds, I'm unable to hear anything but the other end can hear me.. (circuit stops supplying the voice to speaker but mic is working as the other person can hear me)

    Troubleshooting :
    1. Reconnect the headset on same call and the voice resumes to my headphone speaker.
    2. Disconnect the call and without reconnecting headset, tested second call and I don't have issue. so it just only on first call.
    3. Reset the phone and I don't see this issue for a while.

    My Observation:
    1. I was on update 9.5.7 when I reset the phone. (I believe this is the second or third update since I bought this phone)

    2. As I already mentioned I didn't observe issue for a while after reset but it happened again after a week.

    3. I updated the new version 9.5.8 couple of days ago and expected this issue was fixed. But now added one more issue on top of the existing one. ISSUE - Either unable to hear anything in my headset speaker (or) the other end person can't hear me which means the phone isn't sending my voice. During this time when I press MFB button to disconnect the call it isn't working. I have to reconnect the headset to fix this.

    4. I have no issue while listening music and using this headset for more than a year and also works well in other phone.
    Also when I tested with other headset, I see same issue.

    5. No issue while handling calls in Bluetooth headset.

    Please let me know what I'm missing here to fix this issue.. This is really annoying sometimes.