Hear from you: OnePlus Buds open review

  1. Fleming F.
    Community Trainee Aug 6, 2020

    Fleming F. , Aug 6, 2020 :
    Dear friends,

    Since we launched our ever first TWS earphone OnePlus Buds, we received a very warm welcome. So many of you brought the OnePlus Buds home, and shared your first impression of it. We are glad to share some comments here:

    微信截图_20200805170807.png 微信截图_20200805170932.png 微信截图_20200805171034.png

    But we'd like to hear more from you in Community. Therefore, leave your detailed experience or review of OnePlus Buds here, and give suggestions. We'll choose 3 users with a high-quality review to give away a Nord brave bottle.

    Don't have a OnePlus Buds yet? No problem, we also got you covered!

    Leave your opinion on the OnePlus Buds, and show us your talent in product review (sharing articles and works would be even better!), we'll provide OnePlus Buds for 3 users to write their own extended reviews.

    • You must be a OnePlus phone user.
    • If you're selected, you need to write a deep dive analysis of OnePlus Buds within 2 weeks after you received it.
    • If your deep dive is brilliant, the OnePlus Bud is yours to keep!
    • Share your genuine feelings.
    • We will choose 3 users next Monday (Aug 10)
    • Standard Terms and Conditions apply.
    Well, let's hear from you, sound experts.

    3 community reviewers selected:
    @Dahn626 @Plenkske @suhantm Looking forward to your deep dive. ;)

    3 community reviewers selected:
    Congratulations to @isrkhan @Dhiran_pnb @obakesan, your reviews are selected. I stickied their reviews beneath, which will help you to know OnePlus Buds better if you want to have one. ;)

  2. IsrarK
    Donut Aug 6, 2020

    Stickied Post
    IsrarK , Aug 6, 2020 :
    My OnePlus Buds video review in detail (unboxing, pairing, double tap setup, quality etc).

    Things i cover in these videos:

    1. Audio quality comparison using OnePlus Buds
    2. Pairing with non OnePlus device
    3. How to change double tap options of buds for non oneplus devices
    4. How to modify audio tuner on OnePlus 6
    5. Buds connectivity to other bluetooth devices like amazon firestick
    6. Unboxing
    7. Pairing with OnePlus device
    8. Questions answered in comments


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  3. Dhiran_pnb
    Donut Aug 7, 2020

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    Dhiran_pnb , via OnePlus 7 , Aug 7, 2020 :
    Being an audiophile, I spent a stupid amount of time to find out how far I can go with the OnePlus buds. The short & simple answer would be "good" especially at this price.

    Sound Quality :

    1. First things first, the clarity. It is top notch. I mean you could clearly hear the lows, highs and those minute details hidden under layers of sounds.
    2. The bass are punchy enough to make sure that you hear the next beat without any headache, but it would be even more fun to have some extra bass.
    3. About the stereo, it's good but not good enough to make your mind boggle.
    4. The biggest issue with its sound quality is loudness. I personally find it to be a bit low. Especially while using Netflix, Amazon Prime even the loudest details feels very flat and muffled.
    4. Clarity while on voice calls are excellent and beyond my expectations.
    5. I personally feel that OnePlus should have gone for aptX support rather than IPX4.
    6. *The most unclear feature of all is the "Dolby Atmos". When I change the audio profiles in settings, I could see some minute difference. But is it really the "Dolby Atmos".
    I mean there is no clear definition of using "Dolby Atmos" on smartphones. We still don't know how it works? Is it the same tech on other audio devices? Does the device really support Dolby's TrueHD codec? Netflix, Amazon prime & most others doesn't support "Dolby Atmos on smartphones". So when there is no supporting content available, how really are you gonna experience it. Is it just a gimmick? I clearly don't know.
    *The point on Dolby Atmos refers to all smartphones that supports them, it is just not about the Oneplus buds or OnePlus smartphones*

    Microphone :

    1. With three mics in each buds this device could really pick your voice loud & crisp. No problems with the mic.
    2. The only downside with the mics are the "Environmental noise cancellation". I wish there could be a switch to turn it on or off in the Bluetooth settings to really see the difference. Cause while I was on a call, there was literally no noise cancellation at all or it doesn't work with phone calls. Obviously these buds doesn't have active noise cancellation. But atleast Oneplus could have given us a clarification on how it works. Anyways, I'm not clear with this feature.

    Connectivity :

    1. At times I had this issue which is weird, the music would play on your phone but the buds goes silent for about 3 to 5 second. I thought it must be some issue with the music app, but I had the same issue with Wynk, Apple music & Youtube music. Weird, right.

    2. Quick pair doesn't work with my OnePlus 7. Even with the latest OTA 10.3.4 . You can just have them paired with a couple of taps rather than waiting for the device to get a pop up notification. But once the device is paired it takes very little time to connect with the phone just by opening the case.

    3. Connectivity while on phone calls are good. Had no problems with it.

    Battery & firmware upgrade:

    1. We all know that there's not gonna be a problem with battery performance on Oneplus devices. Anyways I should make a word in this review. "Simply THE BEST".

    2. Charging time won't take long and you don't even need to worry about the rate of discharge.

    3. About the firmware upgrade, man I wish OnePlus should have made some announcement about this. On unboxing the buds were running on 327.327.308 while my OP7 was on 10.3.3 . The sound quality was flat and I thought this is just another average buds. But after the 10.3.4 OTA I was able to upgrade the firmware to 340.340.308. Man the difference is inevitable. Only after the upgrade, I changed my mind to use these buds.


    *This whole review is based on 340.340.308*

    Build quality & comfort :

    1. Build quality is again top notch. The charging case feels soft and good. A small cute LED, what more do you need.
    2. Buds are made of high quality plastic. Had them dropped on the floor a couple of times, but not a problem as of now.
    3. About the comfort and fit, I wish the size could have been about 5% smaller in proportion. It is definitely a secure fit than the Apple airpods, but sometime I get an ache at the inner back side of my ear if used for a prolonged time. I had to remove the buds for about 5 to 10 seconds to releive myself from the pain. Ofcourse everyone is not like me. So see for yourself if you have a pleasant fit.
    Also on my regular evening workouts, I had no problems at all even with high intensity sprints.
    4. "Hold 3 seconds to switch" feature is really good and fast enough to connect between devices. And BTW I really liked the gray color, but I was forced to buy Nord Blue because of unavailability😶. Also it will be so rad to give red coloured insides in the gray one🤫.

    Overall it's a bang for the price you pay.


    *Bug Report*

    I hope people at OnePlus are reading this @Fleming F.

    The battery status shown in the Bluetooth settings and the OnePlus buds(device details) settings are different.
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  4. obakesan
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2020

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    obakesan , Aug 10, 2020 :
    OnePlus Buds Review

    Quick Facts

    Colour - Nord Blue
    Price: £79 (UK)
    Driver: 13.4mm
    Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 KHz


    These buds are for you, or are they? After much hype and fanfare, OnePlus finally launched their own TWS or totally wireless headphones called the OnePlus Buds. Unlike their previous wireless offering, the Bullets Wireless family, the Z being the latest revision, the buds aren't connected by a cable. They are independent and thus wire free since the left and right channels connect wirelessly. After the long wait and all the hype are they all that they are cracked up to be?

    Well let's dive in and find out. I'll be honest, I've been pretty happy with my current headphones the Bullets Wireless 2. I have seen many TWS brands and models come to the market, but let's face it, they are all just late imitators to a party created by Apple with their AirPods. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and it seems to have worked for Apple, but I've not been convinced on the clones. Anyway, as luck would have it I managed to get a hold of a pair of OnePlus Buds and try them out for myself, so without further ado, let's see what I thought.


    Do you know the old adage that great things come in small packages? Well, the OnePlus Buds prove this is to be true and it all starts with the packaging. We tend to focus on the item at hand, rip open the box to get are hands on the latest tech, but its worth mentioning the package too as the sum of the parts make up the whole experience.
    IMG_20200810_194417.jpg IMG_20200810_194547.jpg

    The box is smaller than I was expecting, quite small compared with the box the Wireless Bullets 2 came in. The buds are packed in a square box which features a hanging hook used for retail presentation. You can imagine these hanging on a hook at your nearest gadget shop. The front of the box we have the product image which features the buds and their charging case in Nord Blue. The new branding style is evident here, with red stripped logos on the left with a white main area of the product. The back contains the usual copyright, company info, etc.
    IMG_20200728_144733.jpg IMG_20200728_144701.jpg IMG_20200728_145152.jpg IMG_20200728_145135.jpg IMG_20200728_145230.jpg

    While the outside is rather dull, the opposite can be said for the inside. I was quite impressed with the little treasure trove of packaging which made opening the buds a nice experience. It's the first item in a new category so it's good to see a nice unboxing experience. Pull the top off and you are greeted to the buds in the middle of it's inner tray. It reminds me of some sort of pebble or precious stone and I found the symmetry rather pleasing. Taking the inner top out we find another box inside welcoming us more which contains manuals and the Warp charge USB-C cable. The cable is a small one, but it's nice it's included to charge the case and your buds. Removing this box we find another small little message from OnePlus, all lined in red. Once again, a pleasant experience.


    Let's get the elephant out of room first, yes the design of the buds looks like the design of a certain fruity company. Yes, Apple's AirPods are similiar in design, maybe it's hard to do an earphone attached to a stick any different but their must be a way surely. To be fair it seems every other TWS earphones out there burrow from Apple. Anyway, I wish they were more like the Wireless Bullets minus the cable.

    Critiques aside, the design itself is still nice. I especially like the build quality of the included carry / charging case. It has a nice feel and weight to it, bit hard to describe, but that pebble or stone analogy springs to mind. The lid of the case has a nice "snapping" sound so no worrying of them not closing propely for example. The case is simple, with just the USB-C charging port on the bottom and a small light in the middle used to represent pairing, power, status, etc.
    The buds themselves, feel nice too and there are some elements there from the bullets wireless like the circle element which is the touch control. The feeling of the buds is plastic but of a strong nature with a smooth texture to them. A bit of weight in hand but not too heavy to drag your ear. In other words, they are fine and despite my misgivings, I really dig the blue colour, they are different and stand out with the accented greenish yellow colour on the case and the buds.
    IMG_20200810_194245.jpg IMG_20200810_193954.jpg


    I only tested connecting these with 2 different devices; a OnePlus 7T Pro and a Nord. The Nord had a better experience, especially with recent updates, naturally then the 7T Pro. In theory, flip open the lid, turn on bluetooth and they magically pair with the device. This worked on the Nord, but it wasn't as smooth as it's made out to be. I must have waited ages for the phones to pair, flipping open / closed the lid, re-set the phones, etc. Maybe it's me or the phone or the buds but they weren't as instant as I had thought it would be. The 7T I found I had to manually pair the buds rather than the automatic method.

    Once thing I thought was odd was the buds require your email address, or rather they get linked to your google account. I am not sure why headphones need to register with your google account, but the only thing I can think of is for the find my buds feature. You can tap an option under bluetooth settings to "ring" your buds so you can find them. DON'T do this with them in your eats, cause it's loud and you could damage your ears. On a device with no google account, the buds paired fine with no account needed, so not sure what this is about.

    Some of the buds core features, like the tap settings seem to be OS dependent too which is kind of disappointing. On my 7T Pro, I could not set the tap function for each bud, making them pretty dumb, I also could not update the firmware of the buds. I did not face this on my Nord after OS updates. I hope in future, OnePlus moves these functions into a dedicated application that can be installed so anyone can benefit rather than limiting to a device or OS. Another worrying trend in the industry it seems.

    Anyway, once connected, via the bluetooth settings, you can get basic information like the battery status of the buds and case, plus a few other settings.


    ... Whats App Call

    The buds don't have earbud tips, so it's a one size fits all kind of affair here. For me, they seemed to fit fine in my ears and didn't fall out or anything like that. Since there are no tips to make a seal like on the bullets, they do let in ambient noise in. There is no noise cancellation for normal usage here, so you can hear that outside noise. If total escape an immersion is for you then these buds are not. I'm used to the bullets which make a nice seal and tend to block out the world leaving only the music I can escape in. With the buds, I found I could hear the music but everything else like the clock in my study which is actually quite loud. tick tick tick....

    What about calling though? They have ANC cancellation when calling? Well, I had a loong whatsapp video call with some friends and the buds worked fine, but I could still hear that tick tock of my clock. Either I was fixated on my clock or the so called ANC didn't drown it out as I thought. OnePlus claims this is active only when recording the voice and on the microphone, so perhaps my friends heard me ok, just I couldn't cause of the leak in the clock. I need to test this more, but the experience was kinda mixed. Overall the quality was fine during the long call and my ears didn't hurty. I would have thought they be more hurtful to your ears but they were not as bad as I thought. I did experience some drop out in the left ear, but it could have been a whatsapp wifi issue.

    ... Music

    I fired up my usual Spotify playlist and listened to some tune. I am no audiophile, but I was surprised that the sound was decent enough. I thought it might have been more tinnier somehow, but it was decent sounding enough. The same caveats with calls happen hear, which is the lack of a seal leak in ambient sound. The clock, yep, it was being mixed into my tricks. dum dum tick tock dum dum tick tick. Comparing the sound to my bullets, the bullets sounded more deeper. The buds sounded good, but not as good as the bullets and with the leaking I imagine on a noisy commute might be hard to even listen to the music.

    The touch controls also seemed a bit hit and miss for me. I had configured the usual next / prev track functions. Tapping on the bud would usually work but sometimes it wouldn't. I am not sure if this a hardware or software or some touch issue. I need to spent more time with them.

    Final Thoughts

    It's a tricky one here, I mean there is a lot of nice things going on here; the design, despite the Apple influences, decent sounding, small and lightweight, the price seems reasonable. In the UK the bullets wireless 2 are £99, so the buds are £20 cheaper, so ultimately the question would be is the lack of a wire worth the £20 and lack of sealing, AptX? Ok, seems the bullets 2 are out of stock now, but you can see where I'm coming from. If you don't have any bluetooth headphones and are in the market for something reasonable, then the buds are probably not a bad buy. I was surprised by them for sure, but there is a lot of competition out there. I wish took the best of the bullets 2 with these TWS to make the true OnePlus Buds, maybe OnePlus Buds Pro? soon?

    *the opinions of this review are totally my own and based on my own personal experience with the equipment I have at hand. There are some more areas where I'd like to do some more tests and to expand on this review.

    Thanks reading. @Fleming F. last minute entry haha ;) I hope good enough for consideration. Doing this rather late since hard find some time to do it proper.
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  5. Snehilll
    Eclair Aug 6, 2020

    Snehilll , Aug 6, 2020 :
    You could have added silicone tips to make it even better, we wouldn't mind paying 300-500 INR for better comfort. I still don't understand why the gray ones are not available, please improve on your sales and don't create fake hype. If you can mass produce white and blue, why can't you do the same for gray, was the ink too expensive?

    As soon as the gray ones launch, I'm buying them. Please release them ASAP!
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  6. Dunnow
    The Lab - OnePlus 6 Reviewer Aug 6, 2020

    Dunnow , Aug 6, 2020 :
    Well the fact that does not actually have gestures or ANC disappointed me, I was more excited about this than the Nord itself.

    I trully hope oneplus steps up to ANC...

    TicPods ANC and Mpow x3 are in the same price-range with more features than OP buds ... :S

    Edit: And the eartips for both those models too...

  7. fromsophie
    Honeycomb Aug 6, 2020

    fromsophie , Aug 6, 2020 :
    Thank you @Fleming F. for this amazing chance to review the OnePlus buds to 3 lucky winners. Good luck to everyone!

    I've not used the OnePlus Buds but from what I've heard they have brilliant sound quality (which is no surprise as the OnePlus Bullets Z do). I was a little sceptical about the call quality after watching a YouTube video review on them but others have said that the call quality is good (I'd love to test this out myself). The overall design of the Buds are simple and what we as consumers are used to in the wireless headphone world as they do follow the design pattern of the popular airpods. My favourite colour definitely has to to be the Grey/Black pair as they 100% scream OnePlus branding with the red accents. I'm also interested to see where OnePlus go with wireless headphones in the future, but for now it is great to see them branch out into this area.

  8. Night Eyes
    Cupcake Aug 6, 2020

    Night Eyes , Aug 6, 2020 :
    I've used it for complete one day.

    Good things I found:
    -Music quality is very good, it has pretty good Bass, audio quality
    -Build quality is good, both buds and its case
    -Charge looks to be big plus point. I haven't charged it yet, case still has 20% charge
    -It has Find Device option which rings the earbuds
    -Connection, pairing, reset are simple yet fast. Triple tap quickly changes to previously connected device which is impressive.
    - No latency while playing (I play COD)

    Initially it didn't have customize option on double tap. Late night I got update after which it gave me couple of new options. It has just two options that we can set on double tap. But I believe when we hear music we need minimum 3 options, #Play/Pause #Previous track #Next track. Volume can not be adjusted which is still manageable. Size looked to be little big (of course depends on ears), but it perfectly fits into ears.

    Biggest unacceptable problem is Microphone. On phone call people can't hear the voice clearly. Forget about noise cancellation, it is not able to capture the main voice too. I tried it on laptop, people had same complaint that voice is very low, they are hardly able to hear me, voice is muffled and distorted.

    I'm planning to return the product because of Microphone issue since call is as important as music for me.
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  9. Thanveersonu
    Donut Aug 6, 2020

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  10. asishgrwl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 6, 2020

    asishgrwl , Aug 6, 2020 :

    So here's my take on the OnePlus Buds:

    If a smartphone manufacturer gets rid of the good old headphone jack, they've got to make the true wireless earbuds (if they make one) good and OnePlus has tried to do the same with the all new OnePlus Buds.

    These new Buds promise an outstanding sound quality and good comfort but that’s not all as 30 hours of battery life, Super Low Latency, Bass Boost, Environmental Noise Cancellation and many more features are on its feature list as well. (I would love to test all of these once I get the Buds.:wink:)

    OnePlus Buds Specifications:
    • Dimensions: Earbud: 18.81*16.13*37.89 mm; Charging case: 52.21*59.62*24.4 mm
    • Weight: Earbud: 4.7 g; Charging case: 37 g
    • Driver: 13.4 mm dynamic; 97 dB ± 3dB @ 1 KHz sensitivity
    • Frequency response range: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
    • Microphones: 3 in each bud; -38 dB ± 2dB sensitivity
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0 (AAC only); 10 m range
    • Battery and Charging: 420mAh charging case rated capacity; 35mAh per earbud; 10W USB-C fast charging [10 mins for 10 hours (charging case + earbuds); 10 mins for 2 hours play time for the earbuds]
    • Playtime: Up to 7 hours for music playback and 4 hours on phone call; up to 30 hours with charging case for music playback
    Looking at the spec sheet of these Buds you would see that there are two very important features missing on it i.e., wireless charging and active noise cancellation but as it supports fast charge and after you look at its price I don’t think that you would even think about those missing features.

    Now, although there are loads of options in the TWS space but looking at the features that the OnePlus Buds offer and its retail price which is ₹4,990 / $79 / £79 / €89 I would say that they tick almost all the boxes and outdo pretty much all the true wireless earbuds in and around its price and also the one which costs approximately thrice as much. Also, the color options are pretty good, there’s White for people who want to or like to play safe, Nord Blue for Gen Z or maybe you could pair it with your Blue Marble OnePlus Nord and then there’s Gray which according to me look quite stunning:hearteyes: and just to let you know, they are the ones I love.:grimacing:


    Here's my work on OnePlus Nord.
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  11. Batman360
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Aug 6, 2020

    Batman360 , Aug 6, 2020 :

    @Fleming F. Just got my Buds today 😉
    Review will be out soon 😉




    First impressions:
    Loving the Buds until now, with just 2 hours of usage. Feels lightweight, comfortable in ears (I used to use medium silicone eartips), battery is going fine, haven't got the buds gesture update on 7Pro (Beta) so not many gestures (just skip, play, pause), call quality is good (even if I whisper the person on the other end could hear me perfectly), compact and cute, doesn't fall out while head banging, sound is decent (does justice to the price).
    Stay Tuned for an In-depth review 🔥

    And if you want to give another one, here's my in depth review and comparison of BW-Z:


    P.S. It got featured on OnePlus' weekly update and also on OnePlus' offical twitter account.
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  13. Girish.Pranav
    Jelly Bean Aug 6, 2020

  14. tommyscyprus
    Eclair Aug 6, 2020

    tommyscyprus , Aug 6, 2020 :
    As a user of the Buds for the last week overall i am pretty happy. Battery lasts, the sound quality is good and the buds fits great in my ears. I've tried the buds on my device Oneplus 7 Pro and on Samsung Note 10 and i realised that the sound paired on Samsung Note is louder. I was expecting that the noise cancellation was better. In the end, i wait for an update where i can customize the double tap and why not add a triple tap or single one.

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  15. Karun Deep
    Jelly Bean Aug 6, 2020

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  16. Batman360
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Aug 6, 2020

  17. AlienEye
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Aug 6, 2020

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  18. G_plusone
    Nougat Aug 6, 2020

    G_plusone , Aug 6, 2020 :
    Nice contest @Fleming F.

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  19. Shubham_Ag.
    Jelly Bean Aug 6, 2020

    Shubham_Ag. , via OnePlus 8 , Aug 6, 2020 :
    Nice one @Fleming F.
    Well the TWS were quite an anticipated product from OnePlus, and now that the buds are launched - OP's audio segment looks very cool now!

    Initial impressions looks amazing! The little matte, flattened egg case is cute. New Nord Blue color is so unique and defines a signature style of OnePlus with the new range, although, I am a bit biased towards the grey buds [e]1f60d[/e] Google fast pair is a cherry on the top.
    Comfort is subjective when it comes to design, some like the stem design, some do not. But design wise, it looks cool, especially the dual color tone on the blue and black buds with the inner ring [e]1f60d[/e]

    During the launch, Carl said that it took time to launch this product as they were working on a crucial pain point - the battery life! 30hrs of total battery life and 7 hours on a single charge of buds is HUUUGE and it differentiates this product from the competitors. So this is definitely the USP of this product! Another important feature to look out for would be the 13.44 mm dynamic drivers and it'd be interesting to see how much justice it does to the overall sound quality. Apart from these, the other specs looks promising as well.

    Cannot comment on the comfort and sound quality because I haven't got my hands on the new buds yet but excited to write a review if given a chance. A good pair of buds are the ones which don't need an EQ, let's see how it goes out with these ones. I am an audiophile so it'd be interesting to see how much this product is loved and appreciated by the music lovers [e]1f60d[/e]

    I did an open review of the OnePlus 8 and you can look out my thread here - https://forums.oneplus.com/threads/op8-lead-with-speed-review.1240326/
    Will definitely dive deep and write my honest opinion I get to review these new little babies [e]1f60d[/e]
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  20. Jack2494
    Donut Aug 6, 2020

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  21. fragargon
    Jelly Bean Aug 6, 2020

    fragargon , Aug 6, 2020 :
    Hi @Fleming F.

    Hi, I'm not bother you by technical sheet specification. All those informations can be found on the onePlus e-Shop OnePlus Buds

    This earbuds come in a handy charging box. There is only one led on the box giving you all the information needed. Green = fully charged/charging earbuds - white blinking = pairing mode - red blinking = factory reset
    The little button on the back of the charging mode helps managed those mode. An manual within the earbuds box describes howto handle that button. The earbuds are made in plastic hard shell.


    Let's get straigh to the point, talking about sound:

    Bass are no deep as Bose but u can feel it. It feels that bass are amphasis, the treble tone are a little stuffy. Noneless to say Dolby Atmos help in this matter, you can set up EQ to your liking and correct a little step. I'm streaming music from SoundCloud , Spotify, with audio codec quality to AAC. I'm still testing them (actually listening progressive trans) :) Although I have to say that each ears is unique. Evaluated sounds quality from Earbuds is pretty relative to your ears. I set up Dolby Atmos to my liking. I raised the high freq as bass is over amplified and some tiny sound like percussion is not always abvious to ear. They play loudl! I don't forget that those buds are half ear seat in the ear. Noise isolation impact the sound quality in comparition of earbuds with silicone tips. I got one request... more control, Volume control is missing but can be managed through G assistant!
    What about adding more control like simple tap, double tap and triple tap... This would raised the ability to control the earbuds. There is a small sensor in each earbud that is also able to detect when you’ve got them seated within your ears. This is great for being able to remove an earbud and speak to someone, with the audio resuming when you put a OnePlus Bud back in the ear (3 minutes as manual information)


    here is the strengh of this buds:

    As a casual headset, yes you will be satisfied and be excited. :)
    Battery autonomy is pretty good, control can be handy with google assistant (left double tap assistant - right next track) voice quality is there (noise cancellation). In a crowded street, assistant help me control volume up/down - pause - play music - call a contact. Seat in my ears I could wear them all working day. It stayed seat in the ear (note that my left ear is little smaller than right). Isolation is poor ( from a security or office perspective is good). When calling no one of my correspondant complain of voice soind quality (they could hear me clearly) even in a crowded street. Incoming call is automatically picked up (number or contact name is resume before being picked up). You can reject call holding touch control from each earbuds. Thank to the application oneplus buds up-grade the micor firmware, we've been afford the customization of 4 control (double tap left and right buds) You could connect it to laptop with the help of back button and switch from one to another with back button on the recharge box).


    pairing with desktp/laptop
    I tested this with my desktop, it paired with a Belkin bluetooth dongle (an old one BT 3.0) but no sounds came on the buds. I tried to swich back to the phone but it was unseccesfull. I should unpair the buds with the op8pro and paired the buds back to resume listening music.

    I did the same with my windows laptop Peak (similar to a chromebook). Pairing with the laptop work flawlessly. Earbuds in the charging box, open the box, leave the earbuds in it. Push the back button for 3 sec, a white light will blink. Pair the buds with laptop and play music (spotify). Set the buds in your ear, I would say that the sounds good as the smartphone (spotify)
    Switch from laptop to smartphone touch hold on an earbud 3sec (a bip will tell you that the earbuds is connected to the other device)

    So from a productive activities, yes there are nice and cheap. Settle and listen music is not the right choice, use rather an overeat our BWZ which brings better isolation with silicon plug and so one better sound.

    Btw I actually experience few glitches when listening music with. This can be due that 1st time a received them I had an upgrade. Since I didn't removed them from BT and repair. It can help. Need to do this!
    As you can see they are easily pockable.

    As a conclusion I would say that The earbuds are handy, pocketable. Sounds quality are average but much than enough for a anyone but HiFi officinados.
    Much has been written with about earbuds confort, I can seat them in my ear during a working day. Yesterday i went for a bike tour in the forest with the earbuds seat in the ear, they didn't drop out.
    (I can't do this with silicone tips which hurts my ears after few hours)

    buds vs bose.jpg

    I left a thread in the User Review section as to get more visibility and will not beneath in the sea thread. Here is the link. ;)

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