Help ! weird text display on my screen

  1. M1511001500459
    Cupcake Apr 20, 2019

    M1511001500459 , Apr 20, 2019 :
    Hi, can someone please help I've weird text popping up on my screen display everytime I perform an action like calling, texting, taking screenshot etc. The problem started when I had issues with OnePlus launcher acting up asking to choose as a default user everytime I press the home button. I was forced to uninstall and reinstall 1+ launcher and this problem started weird call back text writing over my screen.

    I've attached images regarding the issue. I hope someone can assist, thanks in advance.





  2. RogerOriginals
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 20, 2019

    RogerOriginals , Apr 20, 2019 :
    This is something I have never seen before. I think this is probably due to some weird modded OnePlus Launcher apk you may have accidentally installed. Follow these steps and see if these solve your issue:
    • Install a 3rd party launcher from Play Store like Nova Launcher
    • Make it your default launcher
    • Go to Settings > Apps > Scroll and find OnePlus Launcher. Check if you have just one (normal) or two (abnormal) different OnePlus Launchers installed. If you two, remove the malicious one.
    • The original one cannot be disabled or uninstalled (The 'disable' option will be grayed out). Clear storage data and cache of this launcher.
    • Open settings and search for 'default apps'
    • Under these settings, select OnePlus Launcher under 'Home app'
    • Uninstall Nova launcher, that's it. OP Launcher will maybe ask you for one last time to set as default when you tap home button, set it as default.
    I'm not sure any of these will work or not, so do report back for additional possible solutions.

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  3. M1511001500459
    Cupcake Apr 21, 2019

    M1511001500459 , Apr 21, 2019 :
    I've followed your steps but apparently there is only one OnePlus Launcher installed version
    I'm not sure if this version is the stable current one.

    I'm happy to receive further additional support and thanks for your prompt response.

  4. RogerOriginals
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 21, 2019

    RogerOriginals , Apr 21, 2019 :
    Are you on stable Oreo or Community Beta Pie? If on Oreo, the launcher version is 2.5 like you mentioned, I think. Does using any other launcher as default launcher solve this issue? Also see if you have any malicious apps installed in your application list that you don't know of or looks suspicious.

  5. Paschfire
    KitKat Apr 22, 2019

    Paschfire , Apr 22, 2019 :
    The easiest and simplest way to see if some 3rd party application you've installed is causing the problem, simply reboot the device into Safe-Mode then retest the functions that caused the strange toast messages.

    If the issue stops, then you'll have confirmed if it's an app causing the problem. Then can start looking through your most recently installed apps(ie. around when the issues started), by delete all data and uninstalling each. Retest for the problem in-between each deletion and removing of apps.


    When it asked you to choose the "Default Launcher", was there another app being offered?
    If yes, was it an app you installed? Again, if yes, you might want to start by uninstalling that app and retesting for the issue.
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