Here's why I am moving from an S7 to OnePlus 3T

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  1. Kiran.a.joseph
    Jelly Bean Jan 24, 2017

    Kiran.a.joseph , Jan 24, 2017 :
    I would agree that there are some issues with the update and I am sure OP will resolve them in furure releases.

  2. ilovesoneplus
    Jelly Bean Jan 24, 2017

    ilovesoneplus , Jan 24, 2017 :
    My friend has a S7E & he bought the Op3 from 02 in UK,he returned it 10 days later because like me wants a good camera on his phone,0p3 camera can't focus on moving objects,is not great in low light & has wobbly video plus bugs galore with nougat,hope u enjoy your Op3T anyway..

  3. Achintya.
    Honeycomb Jan 24, 2017

    Achintya. , Jan 24, 2017 :
    The S7's Camera is obviously much more advanced with OIS (Optical Image stabilization) but i think you made the right choice based on the build quality and software.

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  4. Deactivated User
    Jan 24, 2017

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  5. Dougrunge
    Lollipop Jan 24, 2017

    Dougrunge , Jan 24, 2017 :
    @sfomin I think oneplus needs to back with that great contest of change a oneplus for a Samsung Galaxy :p

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  6. Deactivated User
    Jan 24, 2017

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  7. Aayushgp
    Cupcake Jan 24, 2017

    Aayushgp , Jan 24, 2017 :
    i agree with everything you said except the charging part i guess op3t dash charging is really fast

  8. ilovesoneplus
    Jelly Bean Jan 25, 2017

    ilovesoneplus , Jan 25, 2017 :
    I never said it wasn't fast :)

  9. G_Smit_Parikh_fqxo
    Cupcake Jan 25, 2017

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  10. ricardroido
    Froyo Jan 25, 2017

    ricardroido , Jan 25, 2017 :
    I did the same with my S7 edge and switched to OnePlus3T and couldn't be happier . best choice I ever made

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  11. Deactivated User
    Jan 26, 2017

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  12. AnsTDs
    Gingerbread Jan 26, 2017

    AnsTDs , Jan 26, 2017 :
    Great Choice! I also upgraded from a Galaxy S5 to a OP3... and it's the best phone I've ever owned :)

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  13. CrimisonCaramel
    Donut Jan 26, 2017

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  14. SuTanTank
    Donut Jan 27, 2017

    SuTanTank , Jan 27, 2017 :
    Used my friend's 7-month old s7, and the ONLY thing s7 is still winning is the taking video. better HDR, faster focusing, brighter on low light.

  15. G_amm_t_(ammt)_UDLG
    Gingerbread Jan 27, 2017

    G_amm_t_(ammt)_UDLG , Jan 27, 2017 :
    In the camera department I strongly have to disagree with you.

    Moving from note 4 to 3T recenlty. I still prefer note 4 camera. S7 camera is way better than 3t.

    Megapixel is just a number.

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  16. Deactivated User
    Jan 27, 2017

  17. Charliebull33
    Gingerbread Jan 27, 2017

    Charliebull33 , Jan 27, 2017 :
    I had a GS7 Edge (& ill fated Note7) and far and away the OnePlus 3T is a better all around device. I wouldn't give up my iPhone 7 Plus but any other Android phone, I wouldn't trade my 3T.

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  18. aleksijohansson
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2017

    aleksijohansson , Jan 27, 2017 :
    Same here, moved from S7 Edge to 3T and I found the 3T to be better in the aspects that matter to me. Flat display is way more practical and up to date, close to vanilla software with meaningful additions is where it's at.

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  19. edwward
    Cupcake Jan 27, 2017

    edwward , Jan 27, 2017 :
    I own both devices, S7 and OP3T, both upgraded to Nougat. Regarding their camera capabilities, S7 is great as point and shoot camera, for most of the times it takes reasonable pictures with plenty of details and so on. It can easily capture movement - if you need to capture your kids (like me) or animals.
    But the way it manipulates the images is horrendous sometimes - images are oversharpened and too much saturated. From my experience this is most obvious when shooting nature, landscapes and similar - I took many pictures where grass or trees looks like oversharpened saturated hell of a mess. Lowlight images on S7 are brighter than they should be and have a yellow tint. S7 camera would be great if samsung let people choose how they want to process the image (like Xiaomi do). I know that S7 has manual mode but when you want to shoot instantly, you can´t tinker with manual mode.

    OP3T camera takes much more natural images, they´re more true to life. But you need to take more time when you want good results and camera app is not as fast as S7´s app.

    I´m just not decided which device to sell yet.:) Both are great.

  20. insmuh
    Eclair Jan 27, 2017

    insmuh , Jan 27, 2017 :
    Because of the camera capabilities of S7 i bought my wife a S7 and an OP 3T for me ;) both are good choices :p