Hey Oneplus, why are you lying to us?


Is this a deal breaker for you guys?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Doesn't change your views.

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  1. flightspeed
    Gingerbread Sep 26, 2015

    flightspeed , Sep 26, 2015 :
    It's actually quite simple . Sheeps ( fanboys ) need to be fed ( invites ) but the master is actually feeding sheeps empty promises and more hype .

    Geez haven't you learnt your lesson or at least learnt it from someone else's mistakes ?

    You still put your faith in these clowns ?

  2. pmjski
    Honeycomb Sep 26, 2015

    pmjski , Sep 26, 2015 :
    It's one thing to have this god awful invite system, but when you start teasing your customers with the invites they've been slaving away for only for them to not even be able to purchase the phone when they finally get one - that is a huge slap in the face to the people who have been supporting your company, spreading the word, following you on all of your social media and making YOU money. Seriously, I'm glad I gave away my invites and I won't be buying a OP phone until OP gets their shit together.

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  3. shahryar717
    Eclair Sep 26, 2015

  4. benluca
    KitKat Sep 26, 2015

    benluca , Sep 26, 2015 :
    Either way, having an invite is does not give you "100% chance of buying" ... which is exactly what has happened in your case.

  5. pmjski
    Honeycomb Sep 26, 2015

    pmjski , Sep 26, 2015 :
    The point is, they shouldn't even give invites out until there is sufficient inventory to provide the people who have been waiting and slaving away for an invite with the damn device they've been waiting for. What kind of business model is this?

  6. flightspeed
    Gingerbread Sep 26, 2015

    flightspeed , Sep 26, 2015 :
    It's called the " let me phark with their heads " model

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  7. benluca
    KitKat Sep 26, 2015

    benluca , Sep 26, 2015 :
    You're preaching to the choir. I've been saying this since mid-summer, it's been nearly four months since this post and there are still fewer than 50,000 devices out there, possibly even fewer than 10,000 but there's no way they'd ever release numbers (of course).

  8. westcoldspring
    Gingerbread Sep 26, 2015

    westcoldspring , Sep 26, 2015 :
    I think if people wanted to pay more for a phone, they would find alternatives to the OPT. Let's face it...the main selling point of the OnePlus is to get premium features at a fraction of the cost.

    If someone wanted to spend $500 USD for a phone...it probably wouldn't be the OPT. Agree?

  9. westcoldspring
    Gingerbread Sep 26, 2015

    westcoldspring , Sep 26, 2015 :
    Sorry to hear...I would check back before the invite expires and open a support ticket as well.

  10. alexluff
    Gingerbread Sep 26, 2015

  11. gc4279
    Froyo Sep 26, 2015

    gc4279 , Sep 26, 2015 :
    same thing for me. very disappointed. was looking forward to buying this. now my invite is going to expire. =(

  12. MrFingerIII
    Lollipop Sep 26, 2015

    MrFingerIII , Sep 26, 2015 :
    I agree but the phones are $420 to $440.00 max ain't no one got time for higher trust me so man y on there right now they will drop even further in price I paid $440.00 for mine and was here with in 3 days not even Oneplus team is this fast :rolleyes:

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  13. MrFingerIII
    Lollipop Sep 26, 2015

    MrFingerIII , Sep 26, 2015 :
    I shouldn't acknowledge you but I will :p

    The only troll here is Oneplus yet you'll find out soon enough how is waiting on that Invite going for ya ? ;)

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  14. Texan21
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 26, 2015

    Texan21 , Sep 26, 2015 :
    I agree this is not acceptable. But it doesn't change my view because I already have one. I hope they do something about this and I hope they don't punish people trying to claim invites for an out of stock device.

  15. Chuckvader
    Cupcake Sep 26, 2015

    Chuckvader , Sep 26, 2015 :
    Well this is disappointing. I've been putting off buying a phone for the last three months because I figured I'd wait on the OPT invite. I get one today and decide to bite the bullet and say screw waiting for the Nexus 5x release. I go to buy the phone just to see that its out of stock....and I only have 22 hours left to buy it.

    Fantastic job OnePlus....talk about over promising and under delivering.

    Well if anything, I guess OnePlus sold me on the Nexus.....

  16. Rjv
    Froyo Sep 27, 2015

    Rjv , Sep 27, 2015 :
    I just bought the phone today and it was available. Its even dispatched. Don't understand why everyone keep saying it ain't available

  17. cubanthug1
    Eclair Sep 27, 2015

    cubanthug1 , Sep 27, 2015 :
    there is nothing small about oneplus its just oppo they are under them the only reason things are out of stock is because at the warehouse oppo phones have the priority over oneplus those phones make more money for the company

  18. blujadajhdja
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 27, 2015

    blujadajhdja , Sep 27, 2015 :
    I feel bad for you guys. As someone who never hated the company, never questioned its iffy support, and as someone who is content with the OPO (so that I'm not involved with the OP2 or these invites at all), I've come to dislike OP in these past 7 months.

  19. rogerlai
    Cupcake Sep 27, 2015

    rogerlai , Sep 27, 2015 :
    I just waited for multiple hours on support, finished the queue on got in a chat window, said waiting for support to come talk to you, waited for over 15mins, no reply, minimize it for 1-2min, bring it back up and it said the conversation was over. I'm having the same issue as the rest where I got my invite but cannot use it due to out of stock...

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  20. byno
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 27, 2015

    byno , Sep 27, 2015 :
    Vote with your wallets if you aren't happy. I don't give my money to a company I'm not happy with. The OPT isn't the be all & end all of phones.