Hizzing sound in OP buds Z while playing anything on laptop via OnePlus Nord

  1. VinRaghav
    Gingerbread Oct 28, 2021

    VinRaghav , via OnePlus Nord , Oct 28, 2021 :
    For a few days, whenever I connect my buds to my laptop (Ubuntu OS) it is giving me hizzing static sound which isn't there initially and only comes whenever I play something. Usually to solve this I have to forcefully increase the volume to surpass the hizzing noise, but it is still there.

    Please note that I did not have this problem previously in my laptop. And in my OP Nord, the buds work just fine so it's clear that the issue is in the software or connectivity, not in the hardware. It is updated via the OP buds app in my phone. I have 2 laptops, both of them have Ubuntu, both are facing the same issue which wasn't there around a week ago.

    My buds are under warranty currently, but I don't want to give them away for fixing for this issue because it's working fine on my phone, but I have more work with it on my laptop so I'm hoping to fix this issue somehow myself.