Honest View on Oneplus 8T after a week Use via OnePlus 8T

  1. rmprakash
    Gingerbread Oct 28, 2020

    rmprakash , via OnePlus 8T , Oct 28, 2020 :
    I have been using Oneplus from very first like rest of the oneplus fans are. I bought Oneplus One from UK through a friend in 2013. At that time it was not available in India. What an superb piece of hardware with customizable Cynaogen OS. Amazing device.

    Since this opinion is about Oneplus 8T I will straight away share . First an foremost I feel like Oneplus didn't go through extensive android 11 testing and they released with launch of 8T. There are many software issues and I know that Oneplus will rectify in coming updates since this is their first phone shipped with Android 11 out of box.

    But there are other things, Oneplus is coming with HDR10+ display certification for last 2 years and yet with 8T they didn't implement hdr10+ certification with any OTT platform out of the box. If this technology is new to Oneplus it might take sometime but Oneplus is not new in this field. Like I said this will be provided in coming updates I guess but this should have been there out of the box. During this lockdown many people started subscribing to OTT platform and this feature is an must. Providing an wonderful or capable display but technical option disabled is some what unfair.

    Camera will be fine tuned in next 3 4 updates like usual and in some point correct tuning or justification will be done

    Oxygen OS 11 experience is definitely very new in Oneplus 8T. So far we had a kind of experience and that differs now. Commenting on oxygen os11 is not unfair at this point coz it's very new and Oneplus is open to feedback so we may experience an better version of Oxygen OS from current version.

    Lastly what I didn't expect is Oneplus shifting to complete Google suite Communication. Google dialer and messages are good, optimized and better. But lack of Oneplus dialer and message is not an good move. Mainly call recorder notification from Google dialer will be an major drawback in this. As we are aware Lot of people use call recording for various purpose both, but with this notification new buyer will definitely think 5 6 times before buying. Call recording is important for people who relate with customer service and with this notification it will surely be an blockade for Oneplus 8T. This is my honest opinion . You can do an survey in open market regarding this call recording notification and I definitely assure you that most people will not opt. By this time you would have received various feedback regarding to bring back original Oneplus dialer and message to Oneplus 8T . I hear people surrounding me saying Oneplus 8T is failure and the reason they say at first is Call recording notification and 2 nd camera. Camera will be fine tuned but for call recording you should consider.

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