Hope for the Holidays Contest

  1. Adam Krisko
    NA Community Consultant Staff Member Nov 25, 2020

    Adam Krisko , Nov 25, 2020 :
    Wow, it has been a wild ride this year, natural disasters, lockdowns, and all the other things that have happened, I think I can safely say that 2020 has been a year that most of us would like to put behind us. But, you know what else has happened during all of this? We’ve shown that even though most of us are unwillingly driven apart, our bonds have only grown stronger. I believe our ability as humans to empathize and reach out to each other, is the highest its ever been. We’ve quickly adapted from physical gatherings to as many types of digital gatherings as there are apps to do so.

    With the holidays coming I think we can all say we all just want to settle down and spend time with family and friends as much as possible. But with new rounds of lockdowns coming, it might be harder than normal to visit each other.

    Let’s celebrate in spite of this. It’s time to share the positives that have come out of 2020. Let’s hear about the best things that have happened to you. Make a short film, maybe 30 seconds to a minute, and show us how you will celebrate, or write a story of the best things that happened to you. Maybe even tell us your plans or traditions for the many different holidays coming: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Passover, Kwanzaa, and all the rest. But most of all, let's spread hope.

    We’d love to compile all your videos into a wonderful message of hope for the coming year.

    I’ll also be passing out a few fun things to the most liked videos. :cool:

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  2. jlasensiofi
    KitKat Nov 28, 2020

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    jlasensiofi , Nov 28, 2020 :
    Hello friends! How are you? I hope everyone is safe and well.

    Both my wife and I have always loved Christmas and everything that surrounds these holidays.

    Now we are preparing the decorations for the exterior of our house. We have always loved the ornaments of houses in the United States, for example, or those in Colmar, Strasbourg and so many cities that create fascinating illuminated decorations.

    Much more modestly, we started doing something like that at home last year. We prepare some skirts that we put on all the windows in the house, skirts that we decorate ourselves and fill them with lights. We just finished one of them today and I made this video to give you an idea. All done by us.

    But this year we want it to be more special. We want it to be special because it has been a really difficult year. We all know it. And precisely for this reason, we want this Christmas to be the loving memory of the loved ones who have left us.

    And hope has to return to our hearts, because only with hope and trust will we be able to overcome these moments and return to what we always were.

    So, this year we want light, we want many more lights. That is the reason why the skirts with which we decorate the windows of our house have more lights than ever.

    We want to represent all the lights that were turned off during the year 2020, that are turned on again to illuminate our path during the year 2021, guide us in our lives and one day we can meet them again.

    May this Christmas be the beginning of that new stage so long awaited by all and that we will surely achieve.

  3. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Nov 28, 2020

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    TibiTibi , Nov 28, 2020 :
    This year was different than the others. Changes and challenges. Those days and nights captured and compiled into this video.

    Enjoy the moment.
    Carpe diem.

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  4. asishgrwl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 28, 2020

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  5. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Community Expert Nov 30, 2020

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    cdnfarmer , Nov 30, 2020 :
    2020 On the Brighter Side

    When you wrote this thread, it got me thinking of all the wonderful things that happened this year. Despite the pandemic, there are many things that were good. Able to take the time to appreciate the little things around us... Usually would be too busy to notice or appreciate. There are some nice examples of people helping out others. Let's be kind with each other, respect the science, help each other out and minimize the spread of covid-19.

    Let's instead spread Christmas Cheer virtually and stay safe.

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  6. Adam Krisko
    NA Community Consultant Staff Member Nov 25, 2020

    Adam Krisko , Nov 25, 2020 :
    Btw, I just wanted to tell everyone, this contest was thought up by a group of our users that I've been working with a lot lately, the North American Brand Ambassadors. They deserve all the credit for this fun contest.

    Please share your videos here with links, we can natively handle youtube, but we are not limiting the contest to youtube videos. Please upload your videos to whatever site you like and share a link here. #hopefortheholidays

  7. TibiTibi
    Photography Expert Nov 26, 2020

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  8. superplus
    Head Moderator Head Moderator Nov 26, 2020

  9. Adam Krisko
    NA Community Consultant Staff Member Nov 26, 2020

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  10. G_plusone
    Nougat Nov 26, 2020

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  11. Starcommander
    OnePlus Accessory Tester Nov 26, 2020

    Starcommander , Nov 26, 2020 :
    I remember before 2020, our semester exams would finish by December and we had a Christmas vacation for 10days.
    During the holidays, we used to fly to our native place to meet my cousins. We are a group of 5 cousins. I call ourselves as famous five because our holidays was no less than an adventure from the book of famous five.

    Alas, 2020 has ruined our plans. We could have so much fun for one last time before we all land in a 9 to 5 job. But I am sure, once this pandemic is over, we will meet and go together on an adventure, yet again. Even though our age is increasing, we still are a child from heart.

  12. cdnfarmer
    Photography Expert Community Expert Nov 26, 2020

    cdnfarmer , Nov 26, 2020 :
    @Adam Krisko is it only video that will win? And would still pictures work instead?

    Great idea...

  13. Yash Pratap Singh.
    Jelly Bean Nov 26, 2020

    Yash Pratap Singh. , Nov 26, 2020 :
    Thanks for this thread @Adam Krisko . Holidays indeed were first of its kind in many years this time.
    And for school students like me, the whole year was like a vacation with online classes. But I still miss school a lot, and would like to meet and talk with my friends just like the way we did before the pandemic!

  14. Adam Krisko
    NA Community Consultant Staff Member Nov 26, 2020

  15. asishgrwl
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2020

    asishgrwl , Nov 26, 2020 :
    Great idea. :)

  16. NiyasAhamed
    Honeycomb Nov 26, 2020

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  17. Z1592317317006
    Gingerbread Nov 26, 2020

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  18. Plenkske
    Lollipop Assistant Head Moderator Nov 26, 2020

    Plenkske , Nov 26, 2020 :
    Best things 2020 for me
    New Years party 2019/2020 was awesome, with lots of friends and lots of fireworks.
    Later in January me and my girlfriend signed the papers to become man and wife officially. It was not a complete wedding, but we had a great day with our families. On paper its the same as a wedding though.

    Then the main thing of the year for us: we got the keys of the house we bought ! And we are super happy with it !!
    Few days after we moved in, the Netherlands went into lockdown(March 15th). So timing was pretty good ;)

    In September another niece of me was born, she is called Mila and she is doing great. Growing quickly !

    Plans for the holidays
    Christmas wont be celebrated as traditionally as normal. We cant gather with the same amount of people so we will probably celebrate it mostly together. Maybe we will add some video calling to it ;)
    We might even celebrate it fully somewhere in 2021 (some saturday in May for example), when it will be more safe.

    New Years Eve will hopefully be with a few friends. Not the whole group like last year. The dutch government decided to ban fireworks :( so that will be a bit different too. Still I suspect a lot of fireworks will be seen anyway. Plenty of options here to get it anyway.

    While a lot of good things happened in 2020 for me, we can all agree a lot of things sucked too.

    I hope in 2021 we will be able to hug our family and friends again.
    I hope we will be able to throw parties whenever we want again.
    I hope we will simply go visit people without having to think much about it.
    I hope we wont have to work from home the whole week.
    I hope we can say goodbye to the facemasks.
    I hope there will be concerts and festivals again.
    I hope we will be able to travel normally again.
    I hope we will simply be able to do WHATEVER WE WANT !
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  19. jlasensiofi
    KitKat Nov 26, 2020

    jlasensiofi , Nov 26, 2020 :
    Great idea @Adam Krisko! 😃

    I will try to do something now that we are preparing for Christmas 😆👌

    I do not promise anything, but I will try ☺️

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  20. MRTLima
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2020

    MRTLima , via OnePlus 7T , Nov 26, 2020 :
    I agree with yours thoughts and write. Let's look forward with hope, patience and faith!!!
    God bless we all!!!

  21. Dresa91
    User of the Year 2016; Most Active User 2020 Nov 26, 2020

    Dresa91 , Nov 26, 2020 :
    wow, this is an amazing idea @Adam Krisko:)
    this is going to be a big light these days:)
    Let's stay together and shine bright together:) Stay positive:)

    My best thing this year is our dog:)
    She has been with us for about 12 days now and is settling in better and better :)
    Fun fact: in the shelter she was listed with the name "Hope" - but we called her "Enya" - meaning: small fire.
    She is very active and lively, so the new name fits ;)

    Our Christmas tradition will be a little bit different this year.
    This weekend we will put up the Advent wreath and some decoration.
    We will get a Christmas tree on the 2nd weekend of Advent and decorate it.

    Usually we go to church on Christmas Eve before dinner.
    This year we will probably stay at home and let the older people take the priority. The places are limited this year. During this time they rather need their fellow men in the church.
    Traditionally we have potato salad and sausages to eat on Christmas Eve:)

  22. puccellino
    Lollipop Nov 26, 2020

    puccellino , Nov 26, 2020 :

    What a great thread for Thanksgiving. Whilst this year has been an unexpected and forced change for many, it has been heartwarming to also see how adaptable humans can be to make the best of whatever the planet throws at them.

    Whilst we have had to discard many old traditions this year, I hope perhaps we will also be making new ones, and these will become loved traditions for our next generations.

    So, happy thanksgiving to all who celebrate, and I'll post what I have to give thanks for later.

    On a quick note, I've had a lot more time on my hands, and I've spent time with family, spent time enjoying nature, and also learnt to photo edit, all of which I'm thankful for.

    I know many have not been able to go out at all for long periods, and haven't seen family and friends, so forums have been super popular this year, the oneplus forum being one. So thanks to the key staff for making the forums interesting, with plenty of things to occupy us, and the moderators for keeping the place well structured.

    I know you moderators usually have a meetup which was not possible this year, so with my magnificent newly learned skills, I've created a virtual meetup for you to say thankyou.

    The photo is courtesy of @Shubham_Ag. (which I've stolen without permission). I hope some day you all get to do this in real, perhaps 2021, in the mean time, wear your sunny day clothes, pour yourselves a cocktail, and imagine 🤪

    For newer members, you can have fun guessing the moderator if you are bored, and Adam, you may well win a prize yourself if you can spot Mr.Monteiro.

    Thank you all for the new virtual friends made during lockdowns, hope we all get to meet some day in the future.

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  23. MRTLima
    Ice Cream Sandwich Nov 26, 2020

    MRTLima , via OnePlus 7T , Nov 26, 2020 :
    Yes, pretty good!

    Very nice to have a new female dog - Enya - the small fire! Congrats to you and family.

    We hope she gives you happy new days...

    Best wishes from us your community OnePlus.