Horizon light for notifications more than once via OnePlus 8 Pro

  1. alancobo
    Cupcake Jul 29, 2020

    alancobo , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jul 29, 2020 :
    I'm sure I'm not the first one to think about this. I miss my notification light on my OnePlus 6 that used to blink every few seconds when I had not seen a new notification. I think it would be awesome to see horizon light replace this role. Maybe not the same amount of seconds but at least more than just when you get the notification the first time. Other than rhat I love my OnePlus 8 pro.

  2. Peyton1318
    Eclair Jul 29, 2020

  3. theantz
    Honeycomb Jul 29, 2020

    theantz , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Jul 29, 2020 :
    Install an app from playstore - notification light from developer jawomo.
    Perfect for showing notification light. Does not need internet, so no ads etc.

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  4. J1590031228188
    Eclair Jul 29, 2020

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  5. Neerajan
    Honeycomb Aug 5, 2020

    Neerajan , via OnePlus 8 , Aug 5, 2020 :
    Yeah, even more customization to horizon lights would be awesome. Samsung have different animations in the AMOLED screens for notifications. If OnePlus also could add different animations that would be great as well. Will be very attractive on a curved screen.

    Does it consume more battery? I am asking because of previous experience with these third party application for always on display. Those applications always consumed battery when not in use, which prompted me to uninstall them.

  6. jayrajb
    Donut Aug 5, 2020

    jayrajb , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Aug 5, 2020 :
    I used an app aodNotify to get the result. works like a charm. until OnePlus bring the stock feature this will work for me. also you can customise light color for each app

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  7. alancobo , via OnePlus 8 Pro Onyx Black , Aug 5, 2020 :
    Thanks for the advice, I'll have to do the same

  8. jayrajb
    Donut Aug 5, 2020

    jayrajb , via OnePlus 8 Pro , Aug 5, 2020 :
    although I did notice the stock effect of one plus is a lot thicker, but this app does a great job. if you don't want the edges you can opt for the front camera Ring light, as notification too. they also had an option to enable the older led dot notification but I haven't tried it

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