Hotspot problem via OnePlus 7 Pro

  1. ModestChettri
    Cupcake Apr 8, 2021

  2. KluGe
    Lollipop Apr 8, 2021

    KluGe , Apr 8, 2021 :
    Use Search to find already existing threads for these problems.

    If you would have read posts concerning OS11 update here in this user forum you would not have updated to this 11 version, so it is your own mistake.
    If you want to go back to a stable version 10: you'll find how to do this by using Search, too!

    Do not create redundant threads, this is only pollution for our forum.
    Thank you.

    I did not post links in this answer because I do not have to do the work for members who
    apparently did not read the forum rules. ;)
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