How can I skip entering the PIN of the SIM card?

  1. IulianG
    Donut Feb 24, 2015

    IulianG , Feb 24, 2015 :

    When I boot the phone, it first asks me the pin of the sim card, and then it goes to the lock screen. What do I have to do if I don't want want to unlock the sim ? I have no "Skip sim activation" button. I want to use the phone as if it were on airplane mode or as if it has no sim card. On my old Galaxy Note I had this option and it is useful - to use the phone without unlocking the sim card and without removing the sim card (and I could activate the sim later). On OPO, on the pin dialog screen I can even set the phone on airplane mode (using the menu from power button), but it still asks me the pin of the sim. Am I missing something here ? Is there any way to use the phone without entering the sim pin ?

    (by the way, I do not want to disable the pin of the sim card - I need the pin to be required if sim needs to be activated)

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