How do you like OxygenOS features on OnePlus 7T Series?

  1. Zecks1973
    Froyo Dec 2, 2019

    Zecks1973 , Dec 2, 2019 :
    Why did they stop the gestures they had. As far as I am concerned, the up swipe from bottom gestures each from the spot the button is worked perfect on the OnePlus 7pro before the 10 update. it was literally the perfect swipe gesture combo. much better than the current Google implementation. Please give us the option to use the previous swipe gestured you guys made perfectly. [e]1f601[/e] Otherwise perfect!

  2. bran_non
    Cupcake Dec 2, 2019

    bran_non , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 2, 2019 :
    A battery Health feature like the iphone, where it tells you how much battery capacity is left in the battery cell, and how much has degraded, would be awesome

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  3. C1518341714370
    Eclair Dec 3, 2019

    C1518341714370 , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 3, 2019 :
    the phone fails to sleep after the allotted time of inactivity. i have to restart the fone in order to make it work again...for 6-7 hrs the fone would go to sleep as intended...n then it would again misbehave and fail to sleep by itself...i have to manually press the power button or double tap on the screen to turn the screen off. is it possible that some app in background is nt letting the fine sleep? anyone else facing the same issue.

  4. C1518341714370
    Eclair Dec 3, 2019

    C1518341714370 , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 3, 2019 :
    i have the same issue.... there is something wrong with rhe proximity sensor of the device...not calibrated properly i guess....

  5. Q1574134467727 , via OnePlus 7T Pro Haze Blue , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Hii Sir..

    My 7T Pro's screen getting off automatically at the time of listening voices in WhatsApp, another phone call going time, voice recording times..

    and if we are trying to get screen on, not possible. same time again it will goes to screen off.

    I hope that yours team will fix the all those problems in next updation.

  6. Q1543865747002
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

  7. P1574592971446
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

    P1574592971446 , Dec 3, 2019 :
    My one plus 7t pro automatically switching off the phone..
    bugs in the software.
    Not able to cast screen on my Sony tv

  8. X1569819781723
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

    X1569819781723 , Dec 3, 2019 :

    Oneplus 7T is awesome. My device almost defeated ROG Phone 2 on Antutu Benchmark. OxygenOS is super snappy. Love it.

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  9. pddeshmukh
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

  10. F1575394559846
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

  11. cadeepakbansal
    Froyo Dec 3, 2019

    cadeepakbansal , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Theme Change Interruptions/Bug:

    I was playing music & want to change to theme.

    While changing the theme from any three themes to any three themes, following things happen:

    1. Music player kills i.e., Music stops playing (either playing through speakers or earphones)

    2. Battery percentage disappers on the status bar

    3. Network signals & Data disappears & lost their location & then settle down to their original location.

    I don't think, changing theme should have any impact on music playing & status bar icons & Network/Data

    Pls consider it seriously.
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  12. cadeepakbansal
    Froyo Dec 3, 2019

    cadeepakbansal , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 3, 2019 :
    * Almost poor, Selfie pic very blurred not sharp even when Beauty mode is not activated & focus is set.
    * Camera Flip symbol should be on right & last pic clicked should be on the left hand side.

    DARK MODE: BUGGYYYYY ^^^^^ Pls remove bugs & improv
    * Status Bar sometimes total black sometime total white, contacts total black, facebook search total white-friends name not visible. mean to say not compatible with any third party app.
    * Dark mode shortcut should be available in notification toggles
    * Dark mode should be advanced, schedule set
    * No need to activate force dark mode under developer options. Different options are available under dard mode tool options under settings like -
    -Dark mode for system apps
    -Dark mode for all apps including third party apps
    Schedule set options
    Dark mode colour contrast options

    PHONE APP: All optiins like Speaker, Call recording, mute, hold should be available even when keypads are opened while calling.

    NIGHT MODE: When night mode is activated & screen is locked. after unlocking the screen, night mode is delay loading that means night mode is activated or yellow screen is loading after first White screen is loaded.

  13. sdor4ever
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

    sdor4ever , Dec 3, 2019 :
    The system is awesome, very fast performance and speed.
    i just dont like the gallery app, very basic without features at all.

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  14. cadeepakbansal
    Froyo Dec 3, 2019

    cadeepakbansal , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Exactly, what I don't like. Gallery app should be advanced with Folder sort, View type, files type options.

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  15. sdor4ever
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

    sdor4ever , Dec 3, 2019 :
    agree [e]1f44d[/e]

  16. The advisor
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

    The advisor , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 3, 2019 :
    The launcher is great but needs refinement in gestures and aesthetics to rival the Pixel 4 imo.

    Would love custom coloured memos and highlighting. As a student it would be a big plus

  17. groovycharles
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

  18. Omegacerebro
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

    Omegacerebro , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 3, 2019 :
    Does Duo screen phone calls? And regardless of the answer, I don't want to video call everyone just to talk to them.

  19. cadeepakbansal
    Froyo Dec 4, 2019

    cadeepakbansal , via OnePlus 7T , Dec 4, 2019 :
    I personally don't need Cloud Gallery but the Gallery should be advanced in terms of:

    View type - Thumbnail, List etc
    Sort options - By name, path, photo taken/clicked etc
    File types - Only pics, Videos or both
    Orientation option
    Zoom gestures

    Dark mode or light mode
    Import & Export of Settings

    Pls upgrade Gallery for 7T & others also.

  20. F1575438541461
    Cupcake Dec 4, 2019