How I got selected for OnePlus Student Ambassador Program 2019

  1. sanyamnn
    Student Ambassador India Jun 17, 2020

    sanyamnn , Jun 17, 2020 :
    This story is strictly about the selection procedure. The experience story will follow in some days.

    SAP'19 Group Photo :)
    OnePlus SAP is one of the most selective student internships all over the world.
    I did some research and found that Google’s Student Internship Program is the most selective one with a selection rate varying from 0.2%- 0.4%, followed by Apple, Facebook, and Microsoft (whose selection rate vary between 0.6%-1% every year) (Figures by employees and CNBC, not confirmed by the companies)

    Let’s talk about OnePlus Student Ambassador Program now,
    A little over 15,000 students applied (from multiple disciplines and domains) for it in 2019 batch and only 25 were finally selected, which means the selection rate is 0.16%.
    I was fortunate enough to be in a batch of these 25 students from colleges as reputed as Top IIMs, XLRI and I am from a private college that is hardly known by anyone other than the college faculty and students which proves that “College doesn’t matter”

    The Student Ambassador program is an entry point to the #NeverSettle team. The program perks do sheer justice to the rigorous process, a few include:
    > Sponsored visit(s) to OnePlus Headquarter
    > A monthly Stipend (A good one, considering student life)
    > 5 star Hotels Stay
    > Sponsored VIP Access for OPMFs (OnePlus Music Festival 1.0: Katy Perry and Dua Lipa performed)
    > OnePlus Goodies (We got ones worth ₹80k+)
    > A chance to do anything and everything sponsored by OnePlus at places around you (Maybe college, Restaurants or any place you can think of)
    > A few get a chance to intern full time at OnePlus offices globally. In our batch, students got internship offers for places including Greece, Morocco, Turkey, and India (with performance-based full-time conversion option)> You can get a chance to see people like Vikas Agarwal (OnePlus India G.M.), Carl Pei, and Pete Lau (Founders) in the office and talk to them, too.

    I guess you are motivated enough now. Let’s dive into the process:
    Consider Incoming Candidates -> 15,000 (For Funnel Analysis)
    In my time, it was a 4 step process:
    1.) C.V. Analysis (Resume and Personal Details) (About 12000 rejected)
    2.) Problem Solving and Marketing Skillset Test (About 2900 rejected)
    Exactly 72 students were left after these 2 rounds, last year.
    3.) Interview- 1 (About 25 rejected)
    4.) Interview- 2 (HR) (About 25 rejected)
    (PS: All these figures are just estimates)

    Let’s get to rounds, in detail

    Round 1: CV Analysis:
    Remember that this is a rejection round and most selective one. Almost 12000 students will be removed after this round.
    - You must spend some time to answer basic questions, like "Why do you want to be OnePlus SAP". For such questions, refrain from using things like "I am OnePlus Fanboy", etc. They will definitely get you out. You must show your love towards the community in a better and sensible way. Make good use of wisdom as you answer these basic questions and stay as formal as possible.
    - Unlike other internships where you should be really specific about the profile, for the OnePlus SAP program, you should show your strength in a wide range of domains.
    PS: This year, there's an added option to select a team. Do not forget to justify your selection with a good "Why" in your resume. For example, if you are selecting "Community Team", make sure that you reflect your community management experiences from past, in your portfolio.
    1.) Make sure your resume is around 1 page.
    2.) Show quality leadership positions concisely with good stats, like:
    Good to have: “Led Project XYZfor Enactus SGTB and won 3rd prize at National Enactus Championship”
    Bad to have: “Member of Enactus since 2018”
    3.) Always send your resume in Word or PDF format only. No one knows if resumes are manually shortlisted or by machines and Resumes tested by machines are not able to catch text in images (jpeg format Resumes) and you are automatically rejected.
    4.) Make sure that your resume has a proper structure and is easily readable. You must master the art of showing your achievements to the analyzer in less than 5 seconds.
    5.) Mark your previous Student Ambassador program experiences.
    Your resume has only 5 seconds to catch the attention of the analyzer. If you fail at that by making a clumsy one, you will fail at the process.

    Round 2: Problem Solving and Marketing Skillset Test:
    Well, this round is again a really tough one but trust me, after this, you are almost there.
    In this round, you will have to answer case-based questions. Like,
    - “What is your favorite marketing campaign, and Why?”
    - “How will you build a team at your college? What skillset will you look for?”
    - “Why are you a perfect fit for this program?”, etc. etc.
    Keep honesty as The North Star, to answer these questions. There is no trick behind answering them. Even if you take someone’s help for this, you will definitely be rejected in the next round.
    Be clear on the mind and ask yourself by breaking the question to a small problem.
    Like: Let’s say:
    “How will you build a team at your college? What skillset will you look for?”
    - Look for your past experiences where you worked with a team. What were the skills of people that you liked? Like, you must have seen that diligent, disciplined, and assiduous people are generally good for moving teams and these are hard to find characteristics. I would go with these skillsets and attach my experience information when I worked with such people and they moved team so well.

    Round 3: Interview 1:
    Only around 100 students are left for this round. It’s time to be more cautious than smart. Everyone is almost as smart as you. You don’t have to miss this chance by making any mistake. This was a telephonic interview. It was just like Round 2 but things were a little deep. Like, “How will you design a marketing campaign in your college?”, “How popular are you in your college?”, “Have you led any team in the past?”.
    That is why I wanted you to be honest in round 2. Because if anyway you are selected in Round 2, your inability will get you rejected here.
    Tip for this round is: Make sure you sound confident on phone and take enough time because generally during such situations, we tend to get nervous and speak fast which gives a clue to the interviewer that you are not confident. So, hold your nerves, folks.

    Round 4: Interview 2:
    HR InterviewIf you have reached here, you have almost made it, buddy!
    You are almost there. Just give a read on OnePlus’s history. How it started as a community and how it made everyone a fan.
    This round is all about your personality and OnePlus knowledge. Questions like, “What makes you fit?” may also come up. Be sure that you are ready to hit them hard.

    After you are done with this, you will be ready to have a great experience.
    Go, fill the form and shoot the submit button here: https://www.oneplus.in/campus
    See you in the SAP'20 group picture.

    If you need any help, I am reachable at:
    - sanyamchugh42@gmail.com

    Feel free to reach out for any help. I will be happy to help you.

    Don’t get disheartened even if you fail. I have found failure as a better mentor than instructors at any company and your internship with yourself will be much better if you start to learn and grow.Even if you fail, I want to assure you that you are made for better things and let me tell you, as Google Maps would say:
    “You are on the fastest route despite usual traffic”

    Till then, cheers!
    This is Sanyam, signing off till next post!


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    Roosafeed , Jul 9, 2020 :

    Wow! that sounds exciting but I don't think I'll make it. I think I took things too casual in the CV stage. I should've seen this post earlier. :)

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    sanyamnn , Jul 10, 2020 :
    hahaha. Wish you all the best for next year, buddy :)

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    Roosafeed , Jul 10, 2020 :
    Thank you. I will try again next year, though I might not be a student after a year.

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    I’ve registered for SAP 2020 but didn’t got any confirmation mail or any update from their side. Also I’ve shared an incorrect link for my portfolio so how & where can I send the link ? Need help.

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