How many days remaining for marshmallow in one plus x

  1. spatel1988
    Eclair Apr 25, 2016

    spatel1988 , Apr 25, 2016 :
    One plus team
    All are opx user tried for waiting marshmallow update

    Give schedule please

  2. Lancelot_69
    Lollipop Apr 25, 2016

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  3. sfomin
    Nougat Apr 25, 2016

  4. keval_97
    Donut Apr 25, 2016

    keval_97 , Apr 25, 2016 :
    The oneplus had promised to give regular updates on the oneplus devices.. Right? Then y aren't they giving updates on the oneplus X as they r giving in oneplus 2? It is really sad tht the marshmallow update with oxygen os 3.0 will first come to oneplus 2 n then after 1 or 2 months on the oneplus X. Y can't they give the updates on both simultaneously? It's really disappointing.

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  5. Tobikage
    Nougat Apr 25, 2016

    Tobikage , Apr 25, 2016 :
    X number of days as in the name itself.

    They haven't even given an estimated ETA yet like they did for the OPO and the OP2....that has long expired anyway.

  6. naa27
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 25, 2016

    naa27 , Apr 25, 2016 :
    Because they are different phones with different hardware and so have different dev teams (or possibly there is only one dev team stretched thin across three devices). You can't do them all simultaneously.

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  7. Systembeater
    Gingerbread Apr 25, 2016

  8. naa27
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 25, 2016

    naa27 , Apr 25, 2016 :
    You are tired of waiting. Don't speak for everyone else please.

    It will come when it's ready. That might take ages, it might not. If you can't wait for all the amazing features in Marshmallow (errr, I can't think of any) then get a custom ROM.

    I agree that an update on likely timescale might be nice, of only to stop people moaning about when it's coming out.

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  9. Sunny3061990
    Cupcake Apr 25, 2016

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  10. keval_97
    Donut Apr 25, 2016

    keval_97 , Apr 25, 2016 :
    So at least you can give the eta.

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  11. Sunny3061990
    Cupcake Apr 25, 2016

    Sunny3061990 , Apr 25, 2016 :
    They first care about their flagship phone.oneplus x is their budget smartphone and who care about that

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  12. naa27
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 25, 2016

    naa27 , Apr 25, 2016 :
    I can't!

    I'm sure they could give a rough estimate, yes. I can't say why not they haven't. One reason is that people just use an ETA as a crutch to beat devs with as in "you promised it'd be out by x" blah blah blah (just see all the moaning in February that it was promised in Q1 so where was it (even though it wasn't promised in Q1)).. It won't make it come any sooner.

  13. forever4kish
    Gingerbread Apr 25, 2016

    forever4kish , Apr 25, 2016 :
    @Carl dear sir please provide estimate time of oos 3.0 android 6 as fans are eagerly waiting for the update i know ur busy with all d updates of op2 n opo as now i own opo n opx n my bro have op2 i luv Oneplus x waiting for update please sir thankz for the beauty opx after iphone no other phone than opx comes near to iphone. God bless u

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  14. cezarvrabie
    Jelly Bean Apr 25, 2016

    cezarvrabie , Apr 25, 2016 :
    People should stop asking for ETA's. Look at how every ETA went for OP, all of them were delayed. Just pathetic.

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  15. TheRealProcyon
    Jelly Bean Apr 25, 2016

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  16. naa27
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 25, 2016

    naa27 , Apr 25, 2016 :
    First rule of XDA is never ask for an ETA. There's a reason for that. OP are not protected from that.

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  17. yogenderSingh1
    Honeycomb Apr 25, 2016

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  18. julio.panchame
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 25, 2016

    julio.panchame , Apr 25, 2016 :
    OPX is now in CM Nightly program, you are free to flash the awesome CM13 with MM, and probably we have soon more others rom with more flavors and awesome feature, don't waste time waiting OOS because is a crap and development and planing team is inefficient. I don't understand why Carl compare OP with Apple if is unable to deliver a good OS for our devices.

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  19. marcyeo
    Ice Cream Sandwich Apr 25, 2016

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  20. FaleshC
    KitKat Apr 25, 2016

    FaleshC , Apr 25, 2016 :
    its like 99999999999 days later....;);)
    on serious note:" its useless to wait, fans trusted the op but they fail continuously(example op2 bugs, opx bugs) over and again"