How many people out here still have a OnePlus one

  1. weakenfalls
    Eclair Nov 9, 2018

    weakenfalls , Nov 9, 2018 :
    still has mine, actually went trade it for the $300 discount but fortunately my screen had a lil crack on the front so I couldn't trade it in but still got the 6T.

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  2. Hawaiianmade
    Cupcake Nov 9, 2018

    Hawaiianmade , Nov 9, 2018 :
    I am still using my OnePlus one! It's in very good condition. I'm currently wondering how I can easily transfer files from the phone to a USB drive. Recognizes the USB drive but won't give me options to transfer files to it. :(

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  3. WhiteSpar
    Eclair Nov 12, 2018

    WhiteSpar , Nov 12, 2018 :
    I have Oneplus One, sometimes gets overheat and restart itself but still doing his job.

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  4. Malet
    Donut Nov 13, 2018

    Malet , Nov 13, 2018 :
    I gonna change it once OnePlus will create a boarded edges phone like samsung S9

  5. madmike95
    KitKat Nov 21, 2018

    madmike95 , Nov 21, 2018 :
    I'm assuming that you're using an OTG cable to connect the USB drive. The OPO doesn't have that feature natively but you can use apps such as StickMount to be able to use it. Bear in mind that you'll need to root your phone first if you haven't already.

  6. Radeon962
    KitKat Nov 21, 2018

    Radeon962 , Nov 21, 2018 :
    My son uses my Oneplus One for listening to podcasts and uses my Oneplus 5 as his daily phone.

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  7. nancharaiah82
    Donut Nov 21, 2018

  8. Slatter191
    Lollipop Nov 22, 2018

    Slatter191 , Nov 22, 2018 :

    Hey there,

    Care to share the quality of battery from OP service center?

    Is it original OEM?

    Does it give the correct readings?

    On Accubatt app, does it display 3100 mAh?

    What's the average SOT?

    Mine over 4 years plus, have degraded to approximately 70%... 3rd party ones are junk.

    1600, equivalent to approx how many USD $?

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  9. rohitanand
    KitKat Nov 22, 2018

    rohitanand , Nov 22, 2018 :
    There is no quality issue at all. The battery and the phone are performing well... without any unwanted issues (Ghost touches, screen flickers, weird touch response while charging...). The charging speed is also as good as of a new OPO.

    The battery is original (to the extent I belive). I chose to opt for an authorised OnePlus service centre over some promising battery feedbacks on aliexpr and eBay.

    I'm also not in favour of fake/third party/similar rating batteries from unofficial sellers. Majority third party batteries leads problems I've mentioned above, in additon problems in charge retention over a period and unfirom discharging from 100% to 0%.

    Post battery replacement I had given my OPO to one of my cousin (the reason for battery replacement) and bought myself a OP6. I had used OPO for a month or so after changing the battery... The average SOT was above 4hrs 15mins.

    On Accu battery the battery health percentage was somewhere around 97-98%. As of writing this... my 5 months old OP6 battery heath percentage is coming to 92% (I'm a moderate to heavy user). But honestly, I'm not worried about battery replacement(will opt for) of my OP6 because of my positive experience of battery replacement of a maiden OnePlus phone.

    1600 INR is coming to approx 22.5 USD.


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  10. Slatter191
    Lollipop Nov 23, 2018

    Slatter191 , Nov 23, 2018 :

    Thanks young man, for your detailed reply and answering all queries.
    Have a great day!
    Best regards!

    On a lighter note, I'd transfer you a 100$ and send me 2...

  11. vdubpower
    Gingerbread Nov 26, 2018

    vdubpower , Nov 26, 2018 :
    i have mine

    its fine, battery last mostly a day

    sometimes over heats, sometimes freezes and reboots

    ive had it since jan of 2015

    after 6 months it went bad with crap updates that screwed up things

    i stopped updating, i think..right now it is android 5.1.1 and cos 12.1 yog7d or something

    i like simplicity and it has provided that, mostly and im reluctant to switch

    my one plus 6t arrives tonight and im nervous about switching but im hoping for somemore speed and better camera

    previous to opo ihad skyrocket 2 samsung for a few yrs, i think 2011

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  12. benitmak
    Donut Nov 26, 2018

    benitmak , Nov 26, 2018 :
    I still have my OPO.. and still works faster than my Iphone 6.. and I just order a Oneplus 6T so excited for that to show up!

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  13. jogybaer
    Cupcake Dec 2, 2018

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  14. ChrisTerp
    Lollipop Dec 8, 2018

    ChrisTerp , Dec 8, 2018 :
    Still have mine. Hope others do too.

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  15. U1534428947478
    Cupcake Dec 9, 2018

  16. jegans
    Donut Dec 10, 2018

    jegans , Dec 10, 2018 :
    I still have it.. now a little damage on the back panel and looking for a replacement but not getting the spare anywhere..appreciate if someone from the community could spare me a spare back cover/any dead phones to make use of the back panel..PM if in case if someone willing to help me here

  17. toastytoast1234
    Marshmallow Dec 10, 2018

    toastytoast1234 , Dec 10, 2018 :
    OPO still kicking arse on Cyanogen 13.1.2, I feel no need to update it beyond that because reasons?

    You can pry the back panel - or any other part of it - from my cold, dead hands.

  18. Chipotle
    Cupcake Dec 11, 2018

    Chipotle , Dec 11, 2018 :

    I am still using my OnePlus One. It's working fine and has some small dents around the outer edge since I don't use a protective case much. I like the slim design. I ordered this phone back in December 2014. Almost it's 4th birthday

    BTW, is there a trade in for OnePlus Ones? I am looking for a bit of money to help me purchase the OP McLaren Edition.

  19. AnuGeorge
    Gingerbread Dec 11, 2018

    AnuGeorge , Dec 11, 2018 :
    Well I still have it with latest lineage rom I gave it to my mom and got 3t still I love 1+1 but have to move on still it rocks and roll with custom roms.

  20. dj4800
    Ice Cream Sandwich Dec 11, 2018