How much are you pissed of that OxygenOS will no longer exists? via OnePlus Nord N10 5G

  1. cepice
    Gingerbread Sep 27, 2021

    cepice , via OnePlus Nord N10 5G , Sep 27, 2021 :
    I was buying OP phones for it's software. Every other manufacturer has a bloatwareOS crap with ugly with bad UI. Now I am confused I don't know which other phone brand is similar to OP? Pixel lineup?

    I will not purchase phone with UnifiedOS, I have tested Oppo and it is a big no no. So guys, help me here. Which phone will you buy next? Which brand will you chose?

  2. LegolasX
    KitKat Sep 28, 2021

    LegolasX , Sep 28, 2021 :
    umm, correction! unless you live in China, global users will still get OxygenOS with certain elements from ColorOS. OxygenOS is not gonna die but will be a little different from what we have right now.
    so what's there to be pissed about no longer being able to use OxygenOS?

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  3. Praty_28
    KitKat Sep 28, 2021

    Praty_28 , Sep 28, 2021 :
    Learn the art of flashing custom roms, and never in your life will you ever be bound by the crap these OEM's throw at you ;)

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  4. malidan
    Nougat Oct 1, 2021

  5. malidan
    Nougat Oct 1, 2021

    malidan , Oct 1, 2021 :
    Umm correction
    It will be Colour OS? Witha skin on top ( Supposedly) ? This is fact that has been confirm by mother goose.
    So from your implications one can assume you believe this is what Oxygen OS has been all along then?