How to affectively maximize the OP battery!

  1. Edbit33
    Jelly Bean Jan 14, 2015

    Edbit33 , Jan 14, 2015 :
    Try to enjoy the phone and not be bothered by battery issue. Use it and charge it whenever you have time. Lithium has no memory and will degrade over time. We now have power banks that are cheap which will prolong our phones usage. So stop worrying and enjoy

  2. J.Pinkman
    Jelly Bean Jan 14, 2015

    J.Pinkman , Jan 14, 2015 :
    Ot's not an Li-ion battery, it's a Li-Po battery. Still the 40-80% trick is probably the best for your battery.

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  3. buttersnipz
    Froyo Jan 14, 2015

  4. astralbee
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 14, 2015

    astralbee , Jan 14, 2015 :
    Said this before and I swear by it... the biggest drain on battery is screen on time. The best battery saving feature of android is deep sleep. What do people obsessed with battery life constantly do? Switch the screen on to check the battery percentage.

    Get greenify, set it to kill apps and notifications you don't need, and then leave your phone alone! (Except for when you actually want to use it)

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  5. netr0pa
    Jelly Bean Jan 14, 2015

    netr0pa , Jan 14, 2015 :
    yeah I have heard between 30 - 80 % is the best for your phone but I can't even be bothered to charge it to exactly 80 % ....

    I always end up charging it between 20 to 100 % anyways.

    Feels better to have a 100 % charged phone than only 80 % and I feel VERY OCD about that odd number of 80 %..

    It just feels like when you take a dump and only manage to release half amount of your dump instead of 100 %. Then you will have to take a dump again in 2-3 hours.

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  6. madirect
    Donut Jan 14, 2015

    madirect , Jan 14, 2015 :
    i get approx 4-5 screen on time on mine, and my wife gets 6 hrs + on her.

    charge when battery level goes below 15% and charge all the way to 100%, sometime plugged overnight.

  7. LibbyXCX
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 14, 2015

    LibbyXCX , Jan 14, 2015 :
    When im in classes i keep mine on Powersave mode. Now, Its at 83% and the last time i charged it was 3 am last night to 100%.

  8. arpakyna
    Gingerbread Jan 14, 2015

    arpakyna , Jan 14, 2015 :
    Li-Ion (and Li-Po, which is really the same) batteries last significantly more recharge cycles if not charged to 100%. It has to do with the voltage on the battery, charging to ~4 volts (around 70-80% on mine) compared to 4.2 volts or over, gives you around 3-4 times more recharge cycles for the same degradation.

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  9. bviengthong
    Honeycomb Jan 15, 2015

  10. Androidnoogler
    Eclair Jan 15, 2015

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  11. 9843823790849
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jan 15, 2015

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  12. bviengthong
    Honeycomb Jan 15, 2015

    bviengthong , Jan 15, 2015 :
    That's a good question.

  13. jgoat
    Donut Jan 15, 2015

    jgoat , Jan 15, 2015 :
    I just got my OnePlus about a week ago, so I'm on the last leg of my battery conditioning voodoo routine before I start normal usage. Used it out of the box without charging to completely depleted, charged to 100%, repeat 3 times, then switch to nightly charges or whenever I feel compelled.

    This thing lasts long enough under normal use that I can go two days, but I don't like pushing it in case something unexpected comes up and I need more.

    I would love to see some research that backs up people's methodology, some reading suggests my new phone routine is bunk, others seem to swear by it.

    This page has a graph suggesting that the ideal is a 50% depth of discharge, which gets you 3x more cycles: http://batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prolong_lithium_based_batteries

    Not sure I buy it, and not sure I care enough to change behavior.

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  14. RichiRamjag
    Froyo Jan 15, 2015

    RichiRamjag , Jan 15, 2015 :
    Li-po is simply a lithium ion in a pouch...

  15. bviengthong
    Honeycomb Jan 15, 2015

    bviengthong , Jan 15, 2015 :
    Has any one ever tried messing with the governors? I noticed one of them is Power saver!

  16. adisakku
    Donut Jan 15, 2015

    adisakku , Jan 15, 2015 :
    charging cycles are mostly complicated things, this 80% topup is a tough thing to achieve every time.
    Also trickle charging the battery would kill the LI battery soon - a friend had a very bad experience with Laptop battery.

  17. hellboy05
    Gingerbread Jan 15, 2015

    hellboy05 , Jan 15, 2015 :
    My one is on airplane mode since I got it. I have turned off nfc, Bluetooth and everthing else. Only thing that's on is wifi and i get around 6 hours of screen time. I charge it 40% to 90%. The only problem with my one is overheating issue. I play game called clash of clan evertime I play it my phone get overheat i can feel it in my hand. I haven't rooted my phone or change anything. I suggest people just go in settings> status bar> then deselect the "show battery status percentage".

  18. aleric
    Eclair Jan 15, 2015

    aleric , Jan 15, 2015 :
    I found this suggestion in another forum talking about LiPo battery maintenance and they say that battery should not be charged fully...they suggest to charge the phone near the 100%...I hope this will be true!

  19. bakal_daw
    Honeycomb Jan 15, 2015

  20. ewk77
    Eclair Jan 15, 2015

    ewk77 , Jan 15, 2015 :
    Install the Snapdragon battery guru app, only thing the phone is missing is proper battery management