How to change from Hydrogen to Oxygen OS - OnePlus 6T. HELP ME.

  1. VWFeature
    Cupcake Dec 3, 2019

    VWFeature , Dec 3, 2019 :
    The problem I had was identifying the root directory, which (duh!) is where the file manager opens.

    You might have to install a new bootloader like TWRP if there's version difficulties.
    Look on the XDA site
    here's what I did.
    This was simpler than I thought, complicated by having no graphic depiction of the root folder.

    Download the Oxygen OS zip file.
    Full ROM Zips:
    • OxygenOS 9.0.9: Official Link | AndroidFileHost Mirror
    • MD5 Hash: bb1b0e77c0a06d61f77c5e2ef7a1ab05

    Open the app "File Manager" select the left tab "CATEGORIES"
    Select 'Downloads,' where you find the . zip file, press on it, go to the three dots= hamburger "copy"
    Go back to the open screen of the File Manager.
    Select the "STORAGE" tab (the default is,it OPENS in the root directory. Obvious in hindsight....):eek::eek:

    touch 'paste'

    Now do the Recovery reboot.
    Press power, 'off'
    Press Power & vol down. ('Recovery reboot')
    hold until you get a menu
    if you accidentally select some Chinese gop, use the bottom right button to go back.
    Select English (unless you read Chinese!)
    select "Install from internal storage"
    The OS .zip file should be highlighted- touch/select it
    follow prompts.:eek:

    that's all. Thanks to original poster and all you XDA WIZARDS!!!