How to change screen colors on a schedule without it hogging the system too much ?

  1. Alivethereality
    Jelly Bean Dec 1, 2017

    Alivethereality , Dec 1, 2017 :
    So i want to remove the blue light completely at specific times ( say 18-24 ).
    The option slider to remove color blue red or green exists but it doesn't let me schedule the changes.
    So how can i automate the process so this slider of blue color would be set to 0 at 18 and set back to 100 at 24 ?
    I tried some apps that filter blue light but they don't seem to remove the blue light completely, neither do they have a scheduler.
    Is there maybe a xposed module i could use for it so it wouldn't use too many system resources ?
    I tried tasker but he doesn't give me the option to choose between display colors.
    OPO running 7.1.2 on lineageOS, rooted and xposed

  2. Alivethereality
    Jelly Bean Dec 2, 2017