How to Flash Ubuntu Touch on OPO using TWRP

  1. ojaswinsingh Gingerbread Mar 21, 2016

    ojaswinsingh, Mar 21, 2016 :
    Oh wait. Are you on a CAF Based ROM like Sultan's CM13 or anything similar?

  2. kryshnakishore Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 21, 2016

    kryshnakishore, Mar 21, 2016 :
    I am on stock cm12.1...rooted & using franco kernal

  3. ojaswinsingh Gingerbread Mar 21, 2016

    ojaswinsingh, Mar 21, 2016 :
    Oh. Are you sure you Franco kernel supports MultiROM? Cause i remember last time i tried it. MultiROM said "Kernel Not Supported"

  4. kryshnakishore Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 21, 2016

    kryshnakishore, Mar 21, 2016 :
    Restored to original cm 12.1 & installed multirom twrp + app... Downloaded ubuntu touch successfully booted into recovery.... Tried to switch rom bt its booting only in cyngn

  5. giaur500 Jelly Bean Mar 21, 2016

    giaur500, Mar 21, 2016 :
    So there is no any reason to install it.

  6. ojaswinsingh Gingerbread Mar 21, 2016

    ojaswinsingh, Mar 21, 2016 :
    Wait no. you need a kernel with kexec hardboot patch like AK kernel. Also, try going into the recovery->MultiROM and inject boot sector(or image, i dont remember the exact word)

  7. ojaswinsingh Gingerbread Mar 21, 2016

    ojaswinsingh, Mar 21, 2016 :
    Well, if you like to mess around with new things, its worth a try but don't go in expecting too much

  8. kryshnakishore Ice Cream Sandwich Mar 21, 2016

    kryshnakishore, Mar 21, 2016 :

    Resetted with cm 12.1.....in multirom apo it asked for hardboot patch i selected 5.0x it installed & rebooted after that i installed ubuntu touch everything showed sucess with reboot" till this is ok.... I did not get what to do in recovery (>MultiROM and inject boot sector or image).. Where can i get image??

  9. ojaswinsingh Gingerbread Mar 21, 2016

    ojaswinsingh, Mar 21, 2016 :
    You don't need need an image. Its just something it needs to get that boot menu where it shows all your ROMs

  10. daling Cupcake Jun 19, 2016

  11. ojaswinsingh Gingerbread Jun 19, 2016

    ojaswinsingh, Jun 19, 2016 :
    Sorry bud, This was the version 9. Ubuntu Touch didn't have OTA support back then. They added it recently..

  12. azeez4901 Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 19, 2016

    azeez4901, Jun 19, 2016 :
    Ubuntu is great! but the touch one is BS. whats the use of a phone/device where you cant enjoy camera/calls/apps etc... at this point, sailfishOS is better,

  13. Jupeeeeee Jelly Bean Jun 23, 2016

    Jupeeeeee, Jun 23, 2016 :
    Oh if you haven't noticed, nowadays people do alot more than just take pictures, call people and play candy crush saga.
    Come on now, how can't you come up with why would anyone use an OS that you can't call with, take pictures with or play candy crush saga?

  14. azeez4901 Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 25, 2016

    azeez4901, Jun 25, 2016 :

    Point taken well though untill and unless people let go of tablets, laptops, computers, the smart phone will be a device they can carry technology around. portable tech. 90% of my work environment requires me to take images and upload or send to suppliers... so for me- its a basic thing.. a must have.. then you want to play music.. transfer/upload files... these functions are still in very beta in ubuntu touch. i hoped that the 1+ announcement would make the process faster but then it just got more stalled. its anything but stable...has immense amount of bugs and no reason to flash at all... unless coding is possible without overheating. there is no need.. might as well play candy saga... but again, it supports few apps till date. you wil be lucky to have candy crush installed.. let alone play it./

    BTW- this is in no way belittling Mario's work- after all it was he who came thus far. I appreciate it. but its not only him counting the stars. there are many reasons its not stable..

  15. Jupeeeeee Jelly Bean Jun 29, 2016

    Jupeeeeee, Jun 29, 2016 :
    Get a proper camera. You don't just do professional photography on a mobile phone.
    But in the other hand, this IS something you do on a mobile phone, unless you have a great audio system at home.

  16. azeez4901 Ice Cream Sandwich Jun 29, 2016

    azeez4901, Jun 29, 2016 :
    Who says i am after professional photography? my pictures consist of generators, part numbers, damage reports- requirements.. sometimes pictures for reminders.. etc

    Sorry, i am not a back pack to carry a camera, a 5.5" phone, a hard drive, a laptop, a sound system for where ever i go. for me, a complete device means i should be able to do everything on 1 device. I am an engineer, Sometimes having grease, fuel, metal on me or with me.. so it is based on convenience and reception. sure for some one doing a desk job, its easy to keep all.. no need for a smart phone Nokia 105 is enough which provides 3-4 days of battery life.

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  17. Jupeeeeee Jelly Bean Jun 30, 2016

    Jupeeeeee, Jun 30, 2016 :
    Maaaaan. You should definitely get a back pack to carry a camera, a phablet, en external hdd, a laptop and a sound system.
    I ment the sound system at home. Plus you made it sound like you take pictures for a job. no idea where the external hdd and the laptop came in.

  18. vebulous Cupcake Jan 21, 2019

    vebulous, Jan 21, 2019 :
    So, its been a couple of years. And I have a OnePlus One. And I wanted to try Ubuntu Touch. But, after trying the UBports route, searching for multiROM and finding myself here, It seems like there's no clear-cut way to get this going nowadays. Anyone have any pointers?

    Also, hello from 2019. 2.5 years after the last post in this thread...

  19. wdehoog Gingerbread Jan 22, 2019