How to permanently delete .thumbnail folder occupying around 17 GB of my phone in 5T ??

  1. vish1191
    Honeycomb Oct 3, 2019

    vish1191 , Oct 3, 2019 :
    I have these two files in my DCMI\.thumbnails folder. It's size has gone around 17.2 GB where as total photos and videos in camera are around 11GB only in total. Why is the phone occupying this huge space in this .thumbnail folder extra on my phone. HOW DO I DELETE IT FOREVER ???? And why is it created this huge ?
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  2. stark2991_PL
    KitKat Oct 3, 2019

    stark2991_PL , Oct 3, 2019 :
    You can't delete it permanently, because system needs these files to work.
    I don't know why your thumbnails are so big, just delete them and see if they will be recreated with smaller size.

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