How to properly warp charge(5500 mA+) via OnePlus Nord Gray Onyx

  1. _pixl_ , via OnePlus Nord Gray Onyx , Sep 23, 2020 :
    A lot of people complain about slow charging so i made this thread on how to get the advertised charging rate(5500mA).Some points you need tp read first.

    1. Optimised charging does not make a difference.
    2. Warp charging only guarantees 5500mA in Lab conditions as told by oneplus.
    3. Warp Charging only effectively works in 0-60% charge rate ,afterwards max current will be limited to ~4400mA.
    4. After 90% current severely drops to ~2200mA.
    5. Charging Speed/Current ONLY depends on the ambient temperature of your battery and has 3 phases( attached with screenshots below). The values presented are approx.

    Battery cool(<34°C)- 5500mA

    View attachment 1426607
    Battery warm(34°C-37°C)- 2800mA
    View attachment 1425153
    Battery hot(38°C+)-1800mA
    View attachment 1425152
    To conclude, In indian environment, most of the time you will not get the FULL warp charge(5500mA) unless it's Cold, or you have been sitting in an AC.

    I used the app "Ampere" for this data and have submitted a bug report as well to increase the temperature cutoffs but If anyone wishes to differ from this or disprove this, Please post screenshot clearly mentioning the following while charging -
    1. Charging Current (in mA/A)
    2. Battery Temp(in °C/F)

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  2. dpenov
    Ice Cream Sandwich Sep 27, 2020

    dpenov , Sep 27, 2020 :
    Great reading. Not sure it is healthy for the battery to charge it faster at higher temps but kudos.

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