How to root on COS 13 without loosing data?

  1. Green1230
    Honeycomb Jan 13, 2018

    Green1230 , Jan 13, 2018 :
    Is this even possible? I've seen some people say you are able to do that, but that was way back in 2014 on COS 10 or so.
    If yes please include/link a step-by-step guide.

  2. mshahmoo
    Gingerbread Jan 13, 2018

    mshahmoo , Jan 13, 2018 :
    You don't lose data when you root. You lose data when you unlock the bootloader.
    So if your bootloader is already unlocked, you will not lose data when you root.

  3. galmok
    Gingerbread Jan 15, 2018

    galmok , Jan 15, 2018 :
    With a locked bootloader, you need to exploit a weakness in the OS to gain root access. I have previously used Kingroot for that purpose and it worked.

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  4. Green1230
    Honeycomb Jan 18, 2018

    Green1230 , Jan 18, 2018 :
    My device's bootloader is, as a matter of fact, still locked. Do you have any info whether that still works?

  5. galmok
    Gingerbread Jan 21, 2018

    galmok , Jan 21, 2018 :
    Can't see why it would not work still. I mean, there is probably plenty of weaknesses to exploit in COS13 (latest firmware) as it isn't updated anymore. But even though you root using e.g. kingroot, the boot loader remains locked. So you will not lose data. But some people are wary of kingroot as it is a Chinese app and they fear it installs a backdoor or other stuff during rooting, but they claim not to do such things.