how to show network speed in status bar?

  1. Antonie Froyo Mar 20, 2017

    Antonie, Mar 20, 2017 :
    b4 one plus 1 had a function can show the network speed in status bar, after im using one plus 3, this setting missing, im using some third party app to made it possible(no need root), but when i update my one plus 3 to newest version the app not function anymore, can anyone help me is it the one plus 3 had a setting can show this while i cant find only? Or any other method to show it? Thanks help.

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  2. David Y. Global Community Manager Staff Member Mar 20, 2017

    David Y., Mar 20, 2017 :
    The function you need haven't go live yet.
    Do you mind sharing your idea about why you need this function?

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  3. jshines1979 Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

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  4. jshines1979 Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

  5. sinha.sandy Gingerbread Mar 20, 2017

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  6. G_RuŚhìl_Pàtéł_eRQo Eclair Mar 20, 2017

    G_RuŚhìl_Pàtéł_eRQo, Mar 20, 2017 :
    1. Download the Internet Speed Meter Pro app from the Play Store, and install it on your Android phone or tablet;

    2. Go into the app's settings and check the desired update interval and measuring unit;

    3. Again from settings, you can set a widget to appear in the notification bar itself when pulled down, adjust the floating widget's position in the status bar, the size of the font, or whether to show/hide it when your phone is idle, or there is no Internet traffic going on.

    That's all, folks, now you have a small handy notification for both your download and upload speeds in the status bar at all times, which you can customize as well.

    Hope it helps

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  7. cobajalan Gingerbread Mar 20, 2017

    cobajalan, Mar 20, 2017 :
    Use "network monitor pro" with green logo around 2usd.. You can put it and customize the size.. Try it.. I use that app since gingerbread until now in nougat..

  8. F_Ali_Uwaish_fSxE Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

  9. F_Ali_Uwaish_fSxE Cupcake Mar 20, 2017

  10. Antonie Froyo Mar 20, 2017

    Antonie, Mar 20, 2017 :
    just wanna know my ISP is it provide me good services, and wanna know im still alive

  11. Antonie Froyo Mar 20, 2017

    Antonie, Mar 20, 2017 :
    not function for me anymore... this app will stop to show while im browsing....

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  12. Antonie Froyo Mar 21, 2017

  13. Sun90 Starting Point Expert Mar 21, 2017

    Sun90, Mar 21, 2017 :
    Use the paid version it works perfectly.

  14. junyuecao Cupcake Jul 2, 2017

  15. G_Sam_Wong_aIcj Cupcake Jul 14, 2017

    G_Sam_Wong_aIcj, Jul 14, 2017 :
    isn't it obvious? it can tell you whether the screen is frozen or just taking time to load something. it also give us useful info to decide which sim card to use for data or switch to wifi for optimum performance. it really should be a standard feature on all smart phones. how can a noob question like this coming from a staff member? let's just hope you are just a marketing guy who know nothing about phones and not a developer

  16. ashacekar Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2017

  17. B.yashaswi Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 14, 2017

    B.yashaswi, Jul 14, 2017 :
    To visualize network speed and it is not a new feature to be implemented it was already present in my 3T which was running on marshmallow after updating to nougat it disappeared. If this is a feature that causes trouble when implemented in Android nougat then why does OnePlus 5 has that. I did not understand why did you replied in this way

  18. mauleethorat Eclair Jul 14, 2017

  19. sajeeth_viswanathan Cupcake Jul 14, 2017

  20. hrushi0007 Donut Jul 14, 2017

    hrushi0007, Jul 14, 2017 :
    1)Go to settings
    2)Status bar
    3)Display network speed