How to use Amazon Alexa on OnePlus TV?

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    Sophie Z. , Aug 10, 2020 :
    Download and install the Amazon Alexa app from Google Play Store or App Store on your phone. And then log in with your OnePlus Account on Amazon Alexa.

    Make sure both your phone and OnePlus TV are connected to the Internet and then search for the “OnePlus TV” skill on your phone. Once done, tap “ENABLE”, then enter your OnePlus Account details in the pop-up window.

    The log-in method works on OnePlus 55Q1, 55Q1 Pro, 55U1, 43Y1 and 32Y1. This is a prerequisite for first time use.

    For more detailed steps, please check the tutorials “How to use Amazon Echo family(Alexa) to control OnePlus TV”.

    1. Amazon Alexa Supportive App on OnePlus TV

    For 55Q1, 55Q1 Pro, 55U1, you don’t need any other support to work with Alexa.
    For 43Y1, 32Y1, you need to download and install an “OnePlus Work With Alexa” app, (available now), you are able to use volume control and input control functions, more functions will be added after OTA2, please wait for the official announcement.

    2. Log in using your OnePlus Account on OnePlus TV

    For 55Q1, 55Q1 Pro, 55U1, there are 2 ways to log in OnePlus Account:
    • Settings –>Accounts & Sign-In –>OnePlus –>log-in page
    • In the OxygenPlay Page, tap the “head” button to view the log-in page
    For 43Y1, 32Y1, there are also 2 ways to log in OnePlus Account after installing OnePlus Work With Alexa.
    • Settings –>Accounts & Sign-In –>OnePlus –>log-in page
    • Open OnePlus Work With Alexa app, a log-in window will pop-up if the OnePlus Account is not yet synced.

    3. Alexa SKILLs on different OnePlus TV Series

    For 55Q1, 55Q1 Pro,55U1,you can activate TV only if it’s under Sleep mode.
    For 43Y1, 32Y1, you can activate TV only if you used a Google app with a Google Account logged in before you switch it off.

    PlaybackController* & SeekController*:
    The capability of PlaybackController and SeekController differs as per the streaming app.

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    Deepakdkp , via OnePlus 6 , Aug 10, 2020 :
    I'm unable to login to One Plus gateway.
    Always says incorrect login or password credentials.

    While I use the same login and password anywhere I am able to login.

    Tv- One plus TV 43y1

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    rajshah2412 , Aug 11, 2020 :
    Thank You So Much for the thread @Sophie Z.
    This is a great guide for people to use Amazon Alexa on their OnePlus TV and it will surely help a lot of people who aren't into tech and don't know how to set it up.
    Thanks for the detailed explanation @Sophie Z. [e]1f60a[/e]

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    Yes. The procedure is same for Alexa App or Echo dot as the connection for both cases need to be done using Alexa App only.

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    Thanks for the Step by step instructions @Sophie Z.
    Choice of voice assistants is always welcome.

    Hope the Y series get additional control functionality like Q and U series in future updates .

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