How to use new Y series remote control?

  1. Sophie Z.
    TV Software Product Manager Staff Member Jul 14, 2020

    Sophie Z. , Jul 14, 2020 :
    Hi Everyone,

    To quickly familiarize yourself with this new Y Series, we'll firstly introduce the basic functions of our new remote control.

    How to pair your remote?

    You can start pairing your remote to TV by Settings > Remotes & Accessories > Add Accessories.

    • Step1. Long press Left and Home button simultaneously and keep the remote close to TV (less than 1 meter)
    TV will start searching for Bluetooth devices like this.
    • Step2. Press and hold for a few seconds, and TV will show the detected device list in the right column:
    You can release buttons when "OnePlus RC" appears in the device list.
    • Step3. Choose OnePlus RC (Remote Control) in the device list, and press to start pairing.
    • Step4. After a few seconds, the device state will change to "Paired". Now your remote is connected successfully.

    What’s the function of each button of remote?

    1. POWER:
      Short press to turn on TV when TV is powered off.
      Short press to turn off the screen; long press to power off TV.
    2. MUTE: Mute or restore the TV sound.
    3. OK: Confirm or enter the selected content.
      Navigate up/down/ left/ right to select the content you want, or execute shortcut actions in some apps (i.e. Media).
    5. BACK:
      Go back to previous page.
      Back to the upper-level content, or exit the current operation.
    6. HOME: Access the home page.
    7. Volume Up/ Down: adjust the sound volume.
    8. Google Assistant: Press to talk to Google Assistant of the TV.
    9. Netflix: Press to open Netflix directly.
    10. "MENU": Access the menu of quick settings.Short press MENU button to enter the menu of quick settings where you can easily and quickly adjust the frequently-used settings (The menu of quick settings can’t be accessed from home page).
      For example, in “Live TV”, you can access General Settings by Live TV→ MENU → TV Options → Settings.
      In “Media”, press MENU button to access more playback settings like Loop Mode, Sound Style, Picture Mode, Subtitle settings, etc..
      In some downloaded apps, MENU may also work as the access of quick settings.
    11. Prime Video: Short press to open Prime Video directly.
    12. YouTube: Short press to open YouTube directly.
    We will constantly collect your feedback and make more interesting tutorial posts soon.

    Never Settle.


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  3. ShreyasPatil_
    Gingerbread Jul 27, 2020

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    Venky61 , Jul 30, 2020 :
    This is the remote you will be getting with U series

    I doubt they will. Google has some sort of restrictions on the dual usage of buttons. During the Q1 series time too users requested for similar function but could not be done.

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