How will OnePlus make money?

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  1. TheKaruse Honeycomb Sep 11, 2015

    TheKaruse, Sep 11, 2015 :
    I wish you best of luck! Would really look forward to One Plus 2^2 a.k.a. One Plus 4. By then latest the business should be going flawless for a smooth 1 Plus X experience :)

  2. drk9999 Cupcake Sep 11, 2015

  3. ringicha Gingerbread Sep 11, 2015

  4. gouravdevgan91 Cupcake Sep 11, 2015

  5. jman56 Gingerbread Sep 12, 2015

    jman56, Sep 12, 2015 :
    So does that mean in 2 years your hike up prices and start "making money"?

  6. nish.gupta007 Cupcake Sep 12, 2015

  7. tahseenmuskan2005 Donut Sep 12, 2015

  8. chandcdr Gingerbread Sep 12, 2015

    chandcdr, Sep 12, 2015 :
    Online Marketing!. Great strategy!!. I hope you will continue to maintain same thing than supporting specific Network operators like in India!!

  9. pvar Cupcake Sep 12, 2015

    pvar, Sep 12, 2015 :
    That is an excellent marketing plan. I think people will love the brand and it will be a huge success...

  10. Aghonge Honeycomb Sep 12, 2015

  11. irkhan Froyo Sep 13, 2015

    irkhan, Sep 13, 2015 :
    Well you're not really doing that if no one can use your phone except for you, you know what I'm saying?

  12. Aghonge Honeycomb Sep 13, 2015

    Aghonge, Sep 13, 2015 :
    I completely agree with your strategy if rules are really followed. My wait list to get invite OP2 remain at 23000 from last 10 days. If invites are going to take such long time, not sure strategy will work in long time. I agree that you guys produce some best class phones, but they should not remain like hanging fruits for longer time since Mobile market is highly competent.

  13. bharathkondapalli Cupcake Sep 13, 2015

    bharathkondapalli, Sep 13, 2015 :
    Nice business model and useful information for startups..

  14. anupammajhi Gingerbread Sep 13, 2015

    anupammajhi, Sep 13, 2015 :
    Well that was a good read indeed, but I have a concern here.

    You have done quite a good job at attracting customers/fans, 5M is a huge number you know!
    However I feel that OP is having a hard time in keeping them, every moment I see people frustrated and leaving OP dreams behind. They opt for another phone in the market.

    I agree that keeping everyone satisfied is impossible, moreover most of the people don't even understand the system. Even after keeping this in mind, I see a lot of users(in fact fans) drifting away from OP, including current OP users, and the drift is huge. 5M would like a rather huge number when you count the number you actually can call customers/fans.

    What is your say on this?

  15. Karthick1909 Cupcake Sep 13, 2015

  16. IlSardo Gingerbread Sep 13, 2015

    IlSardo, Sep 13, 2015 :
    After one year I guess I can add another point of view. Usually, you give the money and you have the good. In between could be necessary a shipment and you'll have to wait for a fixed amount of time. So, what's "pending shipment" means? And why it last for an variable amount of time? Is this a system where you pay first, they build the good with that money and when is ready they send it to you?

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  17. anirbanbhakta Honeycomb Sep 13, 2015

    anirbanbhakta, Sep 13, 2015 :
    You guys have the best team and in depth understanding of the market and business.
    I am sure, in given time OP will be the leading and unbeatable smartphone company in the market.

  18. lukla Gingerbread Sep 13, 2015

    lukla, Sep 13, 2015 :
    I appreciate your strategy, but at the same time, I am skeptic if you will remain like this once you establish yourself in the market. At the moment; wait and see.

    P.S. Carl, I am still waiting for my invite, can you please send me one?

  19. kapil khedekar Donut Sep 14, 2015

  20. Sachin_Rana007 Froyo Sep 14, 2015