How would you rate your experience with your OnePlus 6T? Let us know.

  1. walesy
    Donut Dec 18, 2018

    walesy , Dec 18, 2018 :

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  2. Sitheesh
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2018

  3. Sitheesh
    Cupcake Dec 18, 2018

  4. walesy
    Donut Dec 18, 2018

  5. abhishek09anand
    Cupcake Dec 19, 2018

    abhishek09anand , Dec 19, 2018 :
    All Good. But I am facing problems while downloading big files from play store. it stops downloading after some 200 - 300 MB. I need to puch my mobile data on and off then it continues for 20 - 30 MB and it repeats the same stops and stucks.
    please any advise or solutions.

  6. PapaMag
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2018

    PapaMag , Dec 19, 2018 :
    I've had this problem a few times and had to turn Wi-Fi off to resolve the issue

  7. abhishek09anand
    Cupcake Dec 19, 2018

    abhishek09anand , Dec 19, 2018 :
    if you mean to say connect to WiFi then it is a problem in the device. really annoying with this problem.

  8. PapaMag
    Gingerbread Dec 19, 2018

    PapaMag , Dec 19, 2018 :
    No what I mean is I had to use my data instead of wifi to finish the download or sometimes even cancel and start over

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  9. ahernandez4110
    Eclair Dec 20, 2018

    ahernandez4110 , Dec 20, 2018 :
    Nice Beautiful Device, I had own in the past a OnePlus One, but had to get rid of it because back in the days It didn't support all T-MOBILE Bands, So I went back to Sammy. So here, I'm again, I'm Back with OnePlus, I now own a Oneplus T6 McLaren Edition. Here's my Honest Review.

    01. Beautiful Screen
    02. Long Battery Life
    03. Supports pretty much all LTE Bands
    04. Android 9 Oxygen
    05. Fast Charger Adapter
    06. VoLTE Calling and Wi-Fi Calling sounds clear
    07. 10 GRam
    08. 256GB Space Needs a 512GB
    09. Front Finger Print Scanner is a Plus

    01. Lacks of LED Notification light
    02. No Wireless Charging
    03. No microSD
    04. Can't use third party Fast Charger.
    05. No Auxiliary 3.5 jack people still use wired Beats
    06. Some Apps like Outlook Keeps Crashing I use it alot for work but it freezes and crash.
    07. Not Water Resistance
    08. And Huawei is Catching Up.....
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  10. Mandrake@101
    Cupcake Dec 20, 2018

    Mandrake@101 , Dec 20, 2018 :
    I just brought a one plus 6t yesterday, after using Samsung. I am so glad I changed from the mainstream, the feel is amazing.
    I love the screen quality and Asphalt 8 is God like on this big screen. love it.
    WiFi connectivity is amazing as well.
    Can't wait to understand and unlock all the features of this phone.
    4.7 stars just and not 5 stars because of the headphone jack being removed.

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  11. PapaMag
    Gingerbread Dec 20, 2018

    PapaMag , Dec 20, 2018 :
    Waiting for my token so I can break free. I use Bluetooth so the headphone jack is not a issue

  12. Mandrake@101
    Cupcake Dec 20, 2018

    Mandrake@101 , Dec 20, 2018 :
    Luck you.

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  13. M1545292574105
    Cupcake Dec 20, 2018

    M1545292574105 , Dec 20, 2018 :
    Having troubles with apps such as Trainline and Xero. I can't login even after messing with my password. I need these to run my business so it might need to take the phone back and get a Samsung which is a right pain. anyone else have the same problems

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  14. V1541169639766
    Cupcake Dec 20, 2018

  15. Superfurry
    Donut Dec 20, 2018

    Superfurry , Dec 20, 2018 :
    Caller volume is shit.... Mono Audi outlet.... Mono in 2018....??? De rest is cool 10 across the board for battery life

  16. G1542206263745
    Cupcake Dec 21, 2018

    G1542206263745 , Dec 21, 2018 :

    Taronish Cooper

    i have deleted my call recording app but my calls still get recorded, how to stop this​

    Hi..You have to disable Call record option in call settings.

    Open call history or speed dails and then click on three dots(Right Top side)@ Options and then setting and then call record and disable.


  17. F1543862888778
    Cupcake Dec 21, 2018

    F1543862888778 , Dec 21, 2018 :
    honestly? it's worked for about 60% of the time. landlines were far more reliable. originally couldn't receive calls, now a software update nuked the data connectivity.

    I wish I hadn't wasted my money. worst phone I've had.

  18. F_Ashneet_Pal_Singh_mOBl
    Froyo Dec 22, 2018

  19. ChronisC
    Donut Dec 22, 2018

    ChronisC , Dec 22, 2018 :
    6T is my first 1+ experience and definitely won't be the last one!

    +The phone has a great battery life, which is a priority for me.
    +Better than average screen, which is the most important thing on a phone.
    +Superb screen to body ratio, one of the best amongst flagships.
    +Good sound via Bluetooth and loud enough ringing.
    -I don't mind the lack of 3.5mm jack, but i do mind the Led though, however ambient screen is a decent compromise.
    +Very fluid and clean UI.
    +GSM, wifi and BT reception are exceptional!
    +Quality materials, even on the accessories.
    +Less than 7.5cm width, for my palm than mean's that i can use it with one hand!
    +I m not a selfie freak, so i appreciate the selfie cam is not compromising my entire experience. I hate the Apple notch, esp when it comes with a chin. Faceunlock is lighting fast and works well under low light conditions and strange angles, can be easily unlocked with photos, but who really needs such security?
    -Not a photo fanatic either, but it's camera is horrible, worse than my three previous phones (S8+, S7 edge and Z5 compact) esp when i need it the most (indoors), also textures and details are really bad, esp when you zoom in.
    They should drop the useless second one, to reduce costs and increase battery capacity. (They could drop all 3 of them as far as I'm concerned.)
    +Under screen fingerprint scanner for me worked wonders because it can see my sweaty fingers, unlike most of the conventional readers,
    -However i would still prefer stereo speakers instead.
    -Waterproofing is important, light rain happens and air humidity and dust is a real threat to all, the cases unfortunately are not enough.
    -Sar values are still terrible...

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  20. Deactivated User
    Dec 23, 2018

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