How would you rate your experience with your OnePlus 6T? Let us know.

  1. kvrpai Cupcake Jan 27, 2019

    kvrpai, Jan 27, 2019 :
    why horizontal lines appears( flash) on entire length of screen when phone is opened with finger print ? anybody experienced similar thing ?

  2. bryce850 Cupcake Jan 27, 2019

    bryce850, Jan 27, 2019 :
    Just got my mclaren edtion so far I love it, coming from a note8 it blows that out of the water for speed battery life and overall smoothness. I have to say I love the os being a big vanilla Android fan it checks all the boxes plus some.

  3. F_Serge_Sheikh_KUve Cupcake Jan 27, 2019

    F_Serge_Sheikh_KUve, Jan 27, 2019 :
    The battery doesn't last long as it was, the rest of the experience with the oneplus 6T is very good i am very glad i choose this telephone. [e]1f604[/e]

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  4. Talal_ Cupcake Jan 27, 2019

    Talal_, Jan 27, 2019 :
    just got my phone screen broken [e]1f62d[/e][e]1f62d[/e][e]1f62d[/e][e]1f494[/e]

  5. ouyamaster Honeycomb Jan 27, 2019

    ouyamaster, Jan 27, 2019 :


    I have wanted one plus for about a yr now especially after going through countless Asus phones that stop working after 2 months of use, an they don't seem to care Bout backing there product so I bit the bullet an upgraded, an to be incredibly safe I got McClaren edition so have ample ram an everything as well as that accidental damage from servify for quite a bit extra , especially to find out when trying to register it that that service isn't even in Canada so why would it be offered if can't use ir, little pissed bout that noone responds to me either.phone came early January loved it battery lasted forever was fast best phone out there I tell everyone but all sudden since past wed battery doesn't last half a day, it never got warm now it's is which it shouldn't be doing not a gamer , freezes up an wouldn't turn off for 5 min an same for turning it back on I'm to say the least extremely unhappy with this as I forked over $1200, for service can't use an what would seem to be defective phone​

    return it to one plus for your money back. Then either buy a op5t from ngpstore on Amazon or wait till spring for op7.
    maybe get a Nokia from hmd to tide you over till spring if a non warrantied op5t seems to steep a price to pay. But make sure to buy a op7 if the reviews are good. All op6 line suck. Op5t is the real flagship. I also have high hopes for op7. I tell it like it is. I'm not a op fan boy.

  6. ouyamaster Honeycomb Jan 27, 2019

    ouyamaster, Jan 27, 2019 :
    Advice if you didn't buy it long ago return it. Buy a cheap Android phone. brand not important. op7 is going to be a great phone. wait for reviews. if it gets rave reviews buy it.

  7. I1548631770416 Cupcake Jan 27, 2019

    I1548631770416, Jan 27, 2019 :
    Hey Guys!

    I'm been working in the mobile/telecommunication industry for more than 9 years. I can't believe I just turned down my iPhone XS Max for the OnePlus 6T. I just did it a few minutes ago.

    I'm scared but I hope to fit. Some apps like Facebook look very different, pics are low resolution but the overall experience is faster.

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  8. U1548648056171 Cupcake Jan 28, 2019

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  9. I1548631770416 Cupcake Jan 28, 2019

  10. Alex_z Cupcake Jan 28, 2019

    Alex_z, Jan 28, 2019 :
    11 out of 10

    I am using it for about 3 months. It's outstanding phone. It's still has room for improvements, but to compare with others, no doubt that it is one of best phone's on the market. For me it's the best.

  11. kvrpai Cupcake Jan 28, 2019

    kvrpai, Jan 28, 2019 :
    there is no response from one plus for my observation posted yesterday

  12. Mrinalvishy Cupcake Jan 28, 2019

    Mrinalvishy, Jan 28, 2019 :
    Can't seem to find it on Play Store. Where did you get it?

  13. PapaMag Gingerbread Jan 28, 2019

    PapaMag, Jan 28, 2019 :
    Homver sorry

  14. anushworldwide Donut Jan 28, 2019

    anushworldwide, Jan 28, 2019 :
    It's a great device indeed,have been using it since a couple of months,very great performance .A device lesser priced than other flagships,it's a great deal. Major area for one plus to focus on is camera .
    That it .

  15. Z1548683210211 Cupcake Jan 29, 2019

  16. kvrpai Cupcake Jan 29, 2019

    kvrpai, Jan 29, 2019 :
    one plus is not responding to the observation made by it's users ? disappointed

  17. kvrpai Cupcake Jan 29, 2019

    kvrpai, Jan 29, 2019 :
    no response yet

  18. U1548410963666 Cupcake Jan 29, 2019

    U1548410963666, Jan 29, 2019 :
    1 out of 5
    Not a good quality of phone.
    facing lots of issue in this phone.
    1. Battery draining
    2. Heating issue
    3. Quality of pictures in social media app
    4. Camera quality ....
    worst experience

  19. T1540022000866 Cupcake Jan 29, 2019

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  20. F1548774481304 Cupcake Jan 29, 2019