https://jira.cyanogenmod.org - Really uncool behavior(WARNING)

  1. CrAcKeZ
    Honeycomb Aug 10, 2016

    CrAcKeZ , Aug 10, 2016 :
    So in the past I've mention that OnePlus One had issues if you try to charge it while it's turned off, the charging led(red) isn't on and I went here to tell my story:


    Well not much people got interested in this so I still persuit this and open a case in the "famous" jira cyanogenmod reporting system and open this thread:


    So even since CM12.1 this issue exist and maybe from previous android versions, now I saw today that it's been solved, so I update my phone to the latest official "cm-13.1-ZNH2KAS1KN" and check it out ...guess what, no resolve so I tried to post on JIRA Cyanogenmod that the ZNH2KAS1KN still has the issue

    When I figure out that the "RESOLVED" from "Pat Erley" which was assigned to fix it was to make my account "inactive" - great resolve :p

    P.S. When I open this issue one of the cyanogen guys told me "I can't add votes and I'm not going to advertise the issue (and I would rather you not either). The activity would have been me assigning the issue"

    He didn't want to "advertise" the issue, why? ...why he wanted this to be quiet? (this is visible from the jira cyanogenmod link I've mention in the second link

    P.S.2 Share this to as many OnePlus One users possible, cyanogenmod jira is useless(and they mute you if they don't like what you are saying)
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  2. CrAcKeZ
    Honeycomb Aug 10, 2016

    CrAcKeZ , Aug 10, 2016 :
    Oh also I've just send an e-mail to OnePlus company(support) and waiting for their response, I'll open similar threads all over other forums(e.g. XDA) to see how cyanogen "company" would react for this simple really simple issue that are trying to hide so much

    A copy of the e-mail I've send:

    Hi there,

    I'm an owner of an OnePlus One device, since CM12.1(and maybe a bit before) the phone led doesn't lit red when it's beeing charged(while turned off)I'm mention this in cyanogen forum ( https://forum.cyanogenmod.org/topic/114705-oneplus-one-charge-when-turned-off-charging-and-led/ ) but also open a case in Jira.Cyanogenmod.org (https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/BACON-4187 ).

    I saw today it's beed resolved and I thought ALL right, I've got to update to the final cm-13.1-ZNH2KAS1KN and check it out(as I had an update notice many days now. I've update the system and saw the the issue STILL exists, tried to go to the case I've opened long time ago and saw that my account is inactive (if you go to https://jira.cyanogenmod.org/browse/BACON-4187 you can check out the "Reporter:" which is me and the inactive next to it)

    P.S. So the resolution was to "hide" it, make me inactive and try to shut my mouth? Of course I've wrote about this in OnePlus forum and I'll try to write on many other popular forums(e.g. XDA Community) because this is unacceptable.I'd like you, as OnePlus company to put your foot and ask from Cyanogen to fix this crucial issue, WHY the phone while turned off doesn't have a charging led? (it had when in the very earlier versions)

    Expect a professional approach, Thank you
    Best Regards

  3. PaulF8080
    Gingerbread Aug 10, 2016

  4. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 Aug 10, 2016

    Mr. BG , Aug 10, 2016 :
    When charging, yes.

    It's basically a minimal Android version especially made for charging sequence.

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  5. jerrymilton
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2016

    jerrymilton , Aug 10, 2016 :
    what ? did you READ what this person is complaining about ? they are pissed cuz the LED light doesn't come on while charging. that is it.

  6. jerrymilton
    Jelly Bean Aug 10, 2016

    jerrymilton , Aug 10, 2016 :
    so do you want CM to fix the CyanogenMod software or do you want Cyanogen to fix the Cyanogen OS software ? have you tried loading a different ROM ?

  7. Mr. BG
    Community Hero 2020 Aug 10, 2016

    Mr. BG , Aug 10, 2016 :
    Some people need to get a life, considering all the whining on these forums about futile "issues" that causes "severe disappointment".

    My guess is some users have issues, not the phone.
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  8. Lancelot_69
    Lollipop Aug 10, 2016

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  9. mydragoon
    Ice Cream Sandwich Aug 10, 2016

    mydragoon , Aug 10, 2016 :
    technically speaking, it should not be marked "resolved". if they think it's low priority issue, they should just put it as "known issue" and assign low priority, which is much better. after all, phone's main function as a phone is well, working. :)

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