Hydrogen OS: Releasing 28th May!!!

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    GotItBro , May 9, 2015 :
    152040ewwm0zuiyumyfwch.jpg This is bigger than OxygenOS release in every way possible.

    OnePlus is looking at Hydrogen OS as a platform for developers. And this is not going to be like every other Chinese ROM which seems to be inspired from iOS (at least that what Pete Lau has said).

    OnePlus is going to approach a more non-flat UI taking notes from Material Design.
    The conference releasing Hydrogen OS is happening on 28th May and a invite is needed (there are some steps to get that too) but it's only for those living in China.

    This is the address incase you wanted to know:
    Beijing 751D • PARK first workshop (Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing on the 4th 751 park)
    Some screenshots from Sina Weibo:
    152040avch9wdzh6rv9ggt.jpg (The camera app looks totally like the iOS one. So.....)

    Home Screen

    (It's a bit glared but you can see new apps for Mail, Weather etc.)

    Some icons for apps in Hydrogen OS:
    Icons in order:
    1)OnePlus Store
    2)File Manager
    (SMS and OnePlus Store icons are To Be Discussed in the Chinese forums)

    OnePlus has taken a totally different approach on this ROM as opposed to other Chinese Players.
    The icons are not flat and square like Color OS, MIUI, IUNI etc.
    The camera app looks nice too (Wish it uses the Camera API 2 ;) )

    So the Hydrohen OS is going to announced on 28th but it's still not confirmed if it will be released to the public on the same day.




    So people have started receiving the invitations to the Hydrogen OS conference and they are weird and cool at the same time.
    I thought the invitations were going to be simple invitation cards but I was proved so wrong by OnePlus. Look for yourself:

    View attachment 312905

    View attachment 312907 View attachment 312908 View attachment 312909 View attachment 312910 View attachment 312911
    View attachment 312912 View attachment 312913

    What you see in the picture is a Chinese toy called 'Luban Lock'. In this puzzle you cannot unlock the cube untill you solve it, its mostly used to store something inside.
    OnePlus has done a great job making it in metal its traditionally made in wood.
    And as you can see after you solve it this makes a great smartphone stand!!! There is also little invitation card inside it too :) (4th picture).

    Just the invitation makes me want Hydrogen OS even more ;)
    http://www.anzhuo.cn/news/p_5336 (Chinese)


    For those wondering Hydrogen OS is the OnePlus ROM for Chinese users.
    No Google services...
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    Aditya007 , May 9, 2015 :
    Because Its Not an Android !!:p

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    ogriff , May 9, 2015 :
    Why copy? Innovate not imitate.

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    malidan , May 9, 2015 :
    Most likely a rehash of the new Color OS. It doesn't look very inspiring.
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    Peroxide. H2O2 :D

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    GotItBro , May 9, 2015 :
    As I said in the post they are approaching a non IOS approach unlike other Chinese Players. As you can tell by the non-flat icons.

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    GotItBro , May 9, 2015 :
    Looking at the home screen and the icons it does not look anything like Color OS.

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