Hype too early?


Would you have a different feeling about oneplus if their hypecampaign started at a later date?

  1. Yes, if I didn't know about the OPO until now, I would have been more positive!

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  2. Yes, if I only knew about the OPO, but no hype was created on the communityside earlier this year.

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  3. No, I was always excited since I found out, and I still am!

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  4. My answer isn't justified by these limited answers, I'll comment!

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  1. Sillysaur
    Froyo Jun 16, 2014

    Sillysaur , Jun 16, 2014 :
    Many are obviously disappointed in OP not being able to ship the OPO, they shouldn't be, because OP has never revealed an official release date, thus it could take as long as they want to before releasing the device. On the other hand, if OP hadn't created this hype earlier this year, maybe the huge lashback of disappointment wouldn't exist?

    Many users are new, especially on the forum, I knew about the OPO since January, but couldn't be bothered with it until i knew more about a release date, and for everyone who has been around for the past few months, this could be a little frustrating. Over six months in the making, and only a fraction of the 90k+ interested people have been granted the possibilty to buy one, and they are still trying to create hype with this (in my opinion unfair, unecessary and forced) 5 day race.

    Should they just lie low until they are ready for launch? Or do you want more hype?