I need a new phone asap.

  1. jonassoderstrom
    Froyo Jul 28, 2015

    jonassoderstrom , Jul 28, 2015 :
    I broke my Nexus 5 and i need a new phone.
    I have heard a lot of good stuff about the OP1, but the release of the OP2 has made me think that the OP1 is outdated, but is all the new stuff on the OP2 really worth the extra 100€?
    Any help is appreciated.

    Have a nice day!


  2. WolfpackN64
    Jelly Bean Jul 28, 2015

    WolfpackN64 , Jul 28, 2015 :
    I think it's worth the extra cash. That and you're certain of longer software support.

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  3. corpse69
    Gingerbread Jul 28, 2015

    corpse69 , Jul 28, 2015 :
    ether phone is good but never knowing when you get an invite for the op2 it could be any where from next week to 3 months from now if you really want an op2 go for a burner phone untill you get an invite if not the opo is the next best choice

  4. Michklomp
    Ice Cream Sandwich Jul 28, 2015

  5. geraldcortez
    Jelly Bean Jul 28, 2015

  6. solleks
    Honeycomb Jul 28, 2015

    solleks , Jul 28, 2015 :
    use the search button there are threads comparing the both and youtube videos aswell. in the end with all the information its your decision and if you want my opinion buy a opo as there will probably be a lot of used ones on sale with the release of the op2

  7. brittonraya
    Lollipop Jul 28, 2015

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  8. rguarascia
    Jelly Bean Jul 28, 2015

    rguarascia , Jul 28, 2015 :
    The OPO isn't really "out of date" the OPT and OPO aren't too far apart. I'd buy the OPO if I were you.

  9. gilisagreen
    Cupcake Jul 28, 2015

    gilisagreen , Jul 28, 2015 :
    Well if you get an invite or willing to wait then the OP2 is definitely (I think) is worth it but if you want a phone a bit quicker, then you wont be losing out with the OP1. I'm having the same dilemma of choosing which one but since I dont need a phone right at this minute I can wait for the OP2...

  10. MichaelJD
    Froyo Jul 28, 2015

  11. bombadier
    KitKat Jul 28, 2015

  12. teddy.byron
    Cupcake Jul 28, 2015

    teddy.byron , Jul 28, 2015 :
    Both OPO and OPT have really good hardware for their prices, OPT is just a bit more modern

  13. TakeMyMoney
    KitKat Jul 28, 2015

    TakeMyMoney , Jul 28, 2015 :
    I think both are going to serve you very well. If you are in a hurry, buy the One. You won't regret it.

  14. sungjinchoi01
    Honeycomb Jul 28, 2015

  15. redleema
    KitKat Jul 28, 2015

    redleema , Jul 28, 2015 :
    If you need ASAP, you might want to look elsewhere as the wait might feel psychologically long and painful.

  16. jonassoderstrom
    Froyo Jul 28, 2015

  17. sharmil2k
    Cupcake Jul 28, 2015

    sharmil2k , Jul 28, 2015 :
    with a spec boasting Snapdragon 810 and 4 gb ram along with 64 gb rom I would say its worth it, but then again it depends on the phone you are currently using .... from my experience a top spec phone today like S6, M9, etc would b good as a daily driver for 2 years as there would be support by the manufacturer as well but with these specs you will be owning next years flagship specs today

  18. _XVII_
    Honeycomb Jul 28, 2015

    _XVII_ , Jul 28, 2015 :
    I think it's worth it but with the invite system could be a while before you can get your hands on it, so if you are in a hurry i dont think it's the right phone...

  19. biswadeepmishra
    Honeycomb Jul 28, 2015

    biswadeepmishra , Jul 28, 2015 :
    If u r in a hurry, OPO will be gud for you. OPO is a superb phone & still one of the best out there. Half of this forum will say OPO > OPT. My suggestion, if u can wait for a bit & deal with no NFC, OPT is worth it