I Received an Invite! Will you be next?

  1. Estella
    Honeycomb Aug 12, 2014

    Estella , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Alright folks, i just received an invite from The team "The Angel of Invites."

    You see, this post isn't about me boasting about how i got an invite within 2 days of joining the forums.

    Just in case you don't believe, here are my details.

    Member ID: 179231

    Its more on the me trying to bring across this point - there are still good Samaritans out there who give out their invites to people who duly deserves them. And, being 100k member or 80k member ID or being a non-cupcake doesn't mean you deserve it.

    Pro Tip: Continue reading and i will teach you how you can do the same. But you may take longer than 2 days! :)


    This post is dedicated to Team Angel of Invites, led by @Kallen , which includes @Li XingKe, @BobbyStevie and @BrettPlusOne as the other team members.


    Me and the many of the others in the forum wouldn't have been able to get our hands on this wonderful phone without this dedicated team. Besides, i got it within 2 days and i could have gotten it in 1 day but i decided to go sleep instead of ordering the phone first.

    Look at the attached image above people! @Kallen doesn't even us for any other returns except to mention those names in his team. And for the invite, i'm more than happy to list their names here.

    So, why does @Kallen's team do all these? Because invites are free and she obviously doesn't believe in them and i strongly believe you shouldn't be buying invites as well.

    Now, what do you need to do so you may get an invite as well? I've laid down a few options which you may wish to consider.

    1) Continue F5 and refresh and hopefully you can get a free invitation link - but i bet u bots are faster than you.

    2) Make friends and upload and decent avatar and don't go around WHISPERING @Kallen and his team on invites - I'm telling you it wouldn't work. Friends give friends invites. Period

    3) Join a great fellowship program. No means of advertising but this is where i found real people, coming from all walks of life, talking about life the whole day.

    Above thread is run by the manificient @Garra8 who has kindly reminded me that i should give him credit. :p

    So what's the easiest you ask?

    Point number 3 will be the easiest. Of course, you can disregard my advice and continue begging and hopefully, someone would give you in invite. You are certainly right on that. Someone would, eventually. But have you realised how many begging threads there are? And have you counted how many pages these threads go? How much luck do you need to be the one to be chosen by the thread starter so he or she may give u the invite?

    Look, getting an invite is definitely not easy, but i'm telling you i did it through joining a fellowship program.

    I certainly did not go about screaming this. "HEY LOOK AT ME @Kallen , i'm on this program so time for u to give me an invite already!"

    We had no interaction, and all she did was to pop out in my inbox as per his normal routine.

    As i approach the end of my post, i just want to encourage those who are reading this post, to continue striving for an Invite if you still don't have the OPO yet.

    Cliche as it sounds but i still want to put these in.

    #NeverSettle being a beggar
    #NeverSettle with f5-ing the whole morning, afternoon, evening and night away
    #NeverSettle with making friends here. Trust me. I've found real friends here. You know who you are peeps! :cool::cool:

    All those mentioned above are just advises i'm sharing it with the community here. You may still choose to do whatever you want.
    BTW, here's a quick shout out to @voswado91 for passing @Kallen's team the invitation.

    I've hereby come to the end of my thank-you session as well as my speech.

    Rememeber folks.

    Estella ;)
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  14. Kallen
    Aug 12, 2014

    Kallen , Aug 12, 2014 :
    This was a very long thank you. :3 sure did over achieve. lol.

    Hope you enjoy your OPO.


  15. TeamValor91
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  16. argos285
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    argos285 , Aug 12, 2014 :
    Well that is what I call Luck
    Congrats and use it wisely little grasshopper

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