I settled. By choice too.

  1. emes921
    Gingerbread Oct 7, 2014

    emes921 , Oct 7, 2014 :
    Sounds to me that you have some serious commitment issues. The least of your problem is the OPO! Your diatribe went back and forth so many times I got whiplash! Figure out what's bothering you, then come back in a better frame of mind before you drive yourself (and everyone else) crazy! Good luck on your journey! And, please try to keep in mind IT'S ONLY A PHONE!

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  2. dc2000
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 8, 2014

    dc2000 , Oct 8, 2014 :
    Cool story bro, I have no commitment issues. I have my life in order. Keep your filthy comments to yourself. GTFO, aren't you too old for a high end device like the OPO? I'm still here, aren't I?.

    People like you are filth. End of story, bro.

  3. emes921
    Gingerbread Oct 12, 2014

    emes921 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    You just solidified my point!

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  4. hwoo
    Donut Oct 12, 2014

    hwoo , Oct 12, 2014 :
    Yeah I hope they get rid of the invite systerm cuz I want this so baaaaadddd!!!!!

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  5. kasifkohatian
    Froyo Oct 12, 2014

    kasifkohatian , Oct 12, 2014 :
    Own a G3 already from the day 1st its launch... Hey you wrote about 2nd battry?
    why 2nd? i m really hard user and my battry last from morning to evening... all u have to do is to setup manually Brightness to 50 and 50 is very decent on G3.. and enjoy long lasting batt life

  6. Maximus Decimus Meridius
    Marshmallow Senior Moderator Oct 12, 2014

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  7. TigerXC
    Lollipop Oct 12, 2014

    TigerXC , Oct 12, 2014 :
    Some spot on points from the OP.

    I paid $480 CAD and reluctantly accepted that fact.

    It's a little from here & there.
    Exchange, taxes, & shipping.

    It adds up to be about $100-130CAD more than our American neighbours.

    I blame our govt more than anything.

    I hope OPO can better their customer service & quality control.

    I have 2 OPO and on one the entire screen is more yellow than my other one that is white.
    I can easily see the difference side by side comparison.

    Not all units are consistent it seems.
    It does bother me but I'll live with it for now.

    Perhaps preorder first come first served is better than the invite system IMO.

  8. gaster
    Lollipop Moderator Oct 12, 2014

    gaster , Oct 12, 2014 :
    Ok m8. You have your reasons and you know better what do you like and your decisions, but don't say that yellow band bother all of us and we are lying cause this just not exist.

    I agree that it's rensposibility of OnePlus and it's bad that they didn't act so professional as they could here.

    But it's that some people they notice it, some other they are lying like you said but some other doesn't think so bad or depressed by this. Is just choice of anyone how he act on this.

    Personally i don't mind while OnePlus explained why this happen cause of the build design,lamps leds, bezels e.t.c.(I don't write now the details) and all their devices have it. So no need to think about it more. I just enjoy the device.

    Good luck with your next device and enjoy it max ;)

  9. vantt1
    Jelly Bean Oct 12, 2014

    vantt1 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    Canada's higher average income is partly to blame. If the people have more money to spend, then prices will be higher.

    To sum it up:


    Designed in China by OnePlus. Made in China.


  10. vantt1
    Jelly Bean Oct 12, 2014

    vantt1 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    My biggest gripe with OnePlus is their self-assigned position in the smartphone scene - a "Flagship Killer". When I first heard about it, I was pretty excited. A phone that has flagship specs, looks good, but at half the price? Sounds too good to be true!

    After finally getting my hands on an invite, I ended up forking out ~$515 AUD for it (bought it from Hong Kong site for $2999 HKD + $25.99 HKD postage, $280 HKD for EMS shipping to Australia (poster did not declare lithium battery, returned to sender), then $400 for DHL shipping, totaling $3465 HKD), which coincidentally is also roughly $500 Canadian Dollars! I paid more than I expected to pay, but doesn't matter; got Flagship Killer!

    ...or so I thought. The packaging looks high-end, the phone feels premium, and it has top of the line internal hardware. But that's about it. When I first used the phone (before I took the film off it), the screen felt like it wasn't quite picking up my touches, so I took the film off. Still not working very well. Scrolling is unpredictable, and typing was nearly impossible (both tapping and "Swyping"). As it turns out, the touchscreen suffered from a grounding issue which led to ghost touches. So, I had to deal with that for about a month before new touchscreen drivers semi-fixed the problem.

    Aside from the touchscreen, I was also pretty disappointed with other things such as the IPS LCD (which had unexpectedly mediocre color reproduction and contrast for what should be a "high end" IPS) camera (slow shutter speed, weird white balance, noisy photos for higher), dual LED flash that wasn't really much brighter than most single LEDs, volume button size and the weak vibration motor. But these problems weren't really that prominent during everyday use, so these are for another time.

    Even after updating the drivers, the touchscreen still isn't quite as responsive as it should be, like on other flagships. Heck, even knockoff phones from China had a better touchscreen. Given this, the OnePlus One is essentially useless as a Flagship Killer. What good is the Snapdragon 801, if the touchscreen can't even keep up with your input? The only Flagship it can kill is itself.

    It's fine that this is OnePlus' first phone; it's actually quite a commendable effort, and I can kinda say that overall, it's the least disappointing phone I've owned. The problem is how they're advertising it as a phone that can beat everyone else's, but not own up to their own mistakes or flaws. OnePlus made me expect too much, which made it all the more disappointing when it failed to meet my expectations.

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  11. wbpbrian400
    Jelly Bean Oct 12, 2014

    wbpbrian400 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    You didn't settle for a similar priced phone you went out and paid for the best phone out there. You didn't settle you just threw money out there and bought the best phone.

  12. mydroid
    KitKat Oct 12, 2014

    mydroid , Oct 12, 2014 :
    It's already one....

  13. areyesrn
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 12, 2014

    areyesrn , Oct 12, 2014 :
    i feel you, bro....it'll be different if we were supporting a North American "startup" through kickstarter or something, but this is freakin China

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  14. rephaelhermon
    Honeycomb Oct 12, 2014

    rephaelhermon , Oct 12, 2014 :
    What does OnePlus have to say about this yellowing issue? @Carl

  15. vantt1
    Jelly Bean Oct 12, 2014

    vantt1 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    The LG G3 is already one of the cheaper flagships where I am, at about $640 AUD. Samsung's flagships are still about $800. Considering that they're in Canada, I suppose it's a similar situation? Also take into account the taxes and exchange rates and whatnot, and the OnePlus One will end up costing more than it was made out to be.

    Yep, it killed itself :p

    Pick the one you're most comfortable with:
    • Whaaat? Pffft, there's no yellow tint issue. Whatcha talkin' 'bout, m8?
    • It is a software problem. We've intentionally made the display warmer, so it's more pleasing to the eye. Look: *compares CM11S to ColorOS*
    • JDI displays are just like that, OK guys? Now stop complaining.

  16. wbpbrian400
    Jelly Bean Oct 12, 2014

    wbpbrian400 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    First thing first Canada just surpassed USA in median household just a couple months ago. So their income is practically the same (for now). Also LG G3 is 600 dollars in America and the OPO shipped to the door was 364 dollars.

  17. vantt1
    Jelly Bean Oct 12, 2014

    vantt1 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    The income thing is only partly to blame.

    I think cost is a case-by-case variable. I think it was about $440 (USD) shipped to my door, which is more than the price of a 32 GB Nexus 5 (~$373 USD). I always had the impression that the 64 GB OnePlus One wouldn't cost much more than the Nexus 5.

  18. luqman zaid
    Cupcake Oct 12, 2014

    luqman zaid , Oct 12, 2014 :
    me too, we are meant to be

  19. Jayzero
    Gingerbread Oct 12, 2014

    Jayzero , Oct 12, 2014 :
    For me I got kinek and picked it up in the states. So price want the problem. The only problem I have that the phone is so good that I always play around with it.

  20. dc2000
    Ice Cream Sandwich Oct 12, 2014

    dc2000 , Oct 12, 2014 :
    I just wanted to let you all know about what I just recently discovered.

    If you're like me, and settled for the LG G3 and the battery is a bit of a concern(it lasts me for a day easily but I'd like for it to last even longer), then get the Zero Lemon 9000mAh battery+case. I'm used to bigger cases like the otterbox and this thing hands down lasts 3-4 days, or one full day of really heavy duty use like gaming.

    *MIND... blown*

    It's a must buy, because it's friggen sweet!

    Who can turn down 9000mAh?!?!?!

    "Not me!" ;)